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What’s On Your Fridge?

Getting to Know Us

From our fridge. I have the habit that when I am ever in a person’s home for the first time, I always check out their refrigerator. I feel like it’s a quick way to get to know them. I love seeing their family photos and so on. It’s like a big cold block biography of a home. Any time we are in a home that doesn’t have anything on the fridge, a little part of me is sad because I feel like I am missing out on fun family secrets. So without further adieu, I am going to introduce you to our fridge, just the front that is and let you get to know us a little bit better.

Fridge4When we were getting married, our engagement announcement ran in my hometown paper. We had about 10 copies mailed to us and I still have about 3 left. One in my wallet, one on the fridge and one tucked away in a book for safekeeping! It is getting yellow but I love looking at it still!

Fridge3This is our sponsor child from Ethiopia. We just started sponsoring him through a friend’s organization. I’m very excited about him and hope one day we get to meet him.

Fridge2This went up as soon as the Rockies released their schedule. Andy loves baseball and because we no longer live in Colorado, he needs to know exactly when the Rocks play so he knows when to turn on the game and when we have to get tickets to the games around us.

Fridge6Andy and I started collecting magnets from the all the places we go. We visited New Orleans for our friend’s Bach./Bachelorette Party last year and we loved it. Every time I see this magnet it reminds me our trip. The Postcard is from our Thanksgiving Trip to Ireland back in 2011.

Fridge7If you haven’t heard of StickyGram you must click the link! This company can take your Instagram photos and make them into sweet little magnets. They are fun little addition to any fridge and are great conversation starters.

Fridge5This is the central hub! Where we stash take out menus, pens, important coupons, post its, etc… and of course, the “I love Puggles” magnet.

Fridge8This always makes me smile when I see it. We have some friends that have invited us to join them in Hawaii on a adventure of flipping houses, you can read more on that here. We are still praying about it! One night while they were visiting us, we were joking around at dinner about having an HGTV show about us. Andy casually tossed out this name and we all loved it. Our friend drew this on the receipt from dinner and put it on our fridge.

Fridge9I love this family picture. It has been on every fridge I have had since I went to college. Somehow it survives every move. This was taken at my cousin’s wedding over 10 years ago. My little cousins are now taller than me, are in college or about to graduate college and now obviously Andy and I now married. It just reminds me how special family is. What is fun, is that on my aunt’s fridge, is the picture of our family from our wedding (that is when Andy and I were married).

Fridge1And although I love the family photo, this section of our fridge is my favorite. It is where all the Save the Dates and Wedding Invites go. It makes me feel very blessed to know that these people love us enough to invite us to their special day (and even let me take their engagement pictures). So very excited for all these dates!

So that is our fridge. Did you learn anything about us? I would love to know! What is on your fridge?

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