what i’m lovin’: july

what i’m lovin’: july edition

1. This recipe for Low Carb Tzatziki Sauce from Hayley’s blog, Health Starts in the Kitchen. I have eaten if every day for the past week. On lamb burgers, a tortilla, and celery. I can’t stop. And guys, it’s keto friendly.

2. These Kenneth Cole Olive Clogs. I just bought these and love the soft leather and I am a huge sucker for anything olive!

3. Detox Cleanser and Azur Oil: I have been looking for a new face wash to battle my amazing, hormonal skin… We carry a lot of Hensley Asher products in the boutique, Blush, and when she came out with a new skin line I hopped on board and so far I’m loving it. The Detox Cleanser has activated charcoal that cleans the skin from the inside out and the Azur Cleanser moisturizes and clarifies, plus it smells amazing! If you are local to Greeley, come find them both at Blush. If you aren’t find them here.

4. Northern Colorado Mom’s Blog: This is so exciting! Northern Colorado Mom’s Blog is a new blog coming to the area I live in AND I am going to be a founding contributor. If you are a mama, you are definitely going to to want to check this blog out. There are going to be tips, guides, and life stories from mama’s all around NoCo.

5. The Four Seasons Spa in Denver: OH MAN! You sweet, sweet friends. Can I just share the best thing EVER? If you need a day away, a birthday gift to yourself, or just a chance to spoil yourself and a girlfriend. The Four Seasons Spa in Denver is the place for you. I took my bff, Merissa, on a girl’s day out here a couple of weeks ago and we are counting down the days till we go back! And ladies… it’s actually really affordable because you can spend ALL day there! And if you need more convincing, check out a photos:

Just let me know if you go… I want to come too. What are you loving this month?

Love you, Em


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