Let's Take a Holiday

We’re Back!

There is no place like home…

After two amazing, beautiful, grueling, feet wearing weeks, we are home. We traveled all over the Mediterranean by airplane, boat, taxi and our own feet. It was absolutely just what we needed, except my feet have never been so tired.

Andy and I went with my mom, dad and brother John. It was the first time we had been together as a whole since Christmas of last year. It was incredible.

We flew from DC to Istanbul (where we had a 6 hour layover, yikes… it was actually not bad) and then to Rome where we boarded onto our boat. After 7 nights at sea we spent another three days in Rome sightseeing and eating our way through the piazzas. I don’t think we have ever eaten so much bread, pasta, and prosciutto. My mouth is watering again just from thinking about it.

I thought I would share a couple of photos with you so you can see just how beautiful it is across the pond! If you ever get a chance to visit these countries, take it, you won’t regret it!


580179_10100994900403603_1010653048_n 481587_10100994900698013_933737716_n 217329_10100994900932543_1626668071_nAren’t my parents dear? I love this picture…

379699_10100994901341723_1217618061_nHow did he do it?
379771_10100994903287823_454891453_n Of course we had to try the gelato!

943209_10100994900079253_250066276_n 249021_10100994911321723_1624285804_n 485612_10100994913128103_1788110327_n 969136_10100994913572213_515588382_n 580211_10100994913637083_1340750866_n 936815_10100994915493363_2109205508_n 947031_10100994915543263_915290412_n 942268_10100994917499343_1361753975_n 481477_10100994919220893_1094685882_n 922770_10100994952818563_1686644415_n The pictures above and below are of Mary’s house before she died. How beautiful.

316143_10100994953043113_795930519_n 947005_10100994954495203_1729406733_n
931354_10100994955123943_214040540_n Ancient toilets! Andy’s favorite!

936786_10100994955732723_863851335_n 181267_10100994956700783_411635368_n 382504_10100994957673833_985730828_n 480646_10100994958881413_586693535_n 164970_10100995003771453_424109252_n 970207_10100995004365263_1959966027_n 946809_10100995004724543_568434032_n 931396_10100995005298393_431018812_n 969274_10100995005438113_543325267_n 954782_10100995005687613_746996286_n 261680_10100995009904163_1048370688_n 249079_10100995011585793_533577903_n 166024_10100995011910143_391652174_n 400972_10100995013317323_197972260_n 581643_10100995014405143_802849802_n She improvising when she needs to!

579520_10100995014954043_162413787_n 969183_10100995015767413_744377642_n 984005_10100995016301343_1828554758_n 942178_10100995018022893_1694960246_n 6285_10100995018990953_1193739261_n 481816_10100995026969963_32323755_n 942016_10100995032503873_978977031_n 575500_10100995035328213_1805650104_n 600880_10100995042838163_2047381459_n 250431_10100995043681473_1403239861_n 295033_10100995049499813_1555658700_n 941986_10100994969220693_1369788648_n 945440_10100994969390353_137919745_n 295061_10100994968537063_845960031_n 984169_10100994968866403_1591106012_n

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    May 29, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    Love this post! Miss u!!!

    1. Reply
      emilie marian
      May 29, 2013 at 1:51 pm

      Miss you sweet sister!

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