weekdays are for the birds…

Weekdays are for the birds…


I don’t know if it’s the new season of life where I am constantly trying to fill a day with running two businesses, taking care of a mancub and hubby, two naughty puggles, one unamused cat while maintaining the laundry, making healthy AND delicious dinners, and keep our castle somewhat clean. I’m exhausted after about 3 days.

No, this isn’t going to be one of those posts where I sit here ant talk about how motherhood is a season and it’s tiring, because mamas… you ALL know that. I wouldn’t be writing anything new! What I am talking about is how the weekday seems like one giant appointment in my planner.

I love my life. It is full. Full of laughter, friends, family, and even the baby pooping on the floor makes the day so much better because I have an awesome story to tell my husband. But… I understand now how important the still moments are.

I am someone who thrives on business. I crave it! I love making lists and having a full planner and tackling each thing that comes my way. It makes me feel valuable and strong… being someone who is now a stay at home mom, it’s like I need to know that I am still doing something important during the day. Please hear me when I say that I know being a STAHM is important… but for me, I needed something else, until I don’t.

This is where I begin to recognize the stillness and how needed it is. And if you need someone to give you an excuse to stop whatever you are doing… STOP. You can be still and feel good about it. No lists get crossed off, no laundry gets done. Make the weekday feel like a weekend.

Today was one of those days. My little baby boy, mancub, isn’t feeling well. He just got shots and normally he is really good at handling those but… man, this time it has been rough. He has just gotten progressively worse and all he wanted to do today was lay on me, cry, and watch the best Disney movies Hulu had to offer.

As I sat there going through the list of things I needed to be doing, I realized that baby boy had started to play with my fingers and our breathing had synchronized.  This baby rarely stops moving if ever and here he was just needing me to be still so he could be still too. That’s all it took and I realized that God gave me that a day off to enjoy my baby and to give him the peace he needed so he could start feeling better.

Rest in the comfort that God made us to be busy people who also need rest. Hello Sabbath. Isn’t that so neat the God recognized that we needed rest no matter what it is we do? So busy mama, or just busy girl boss. Be still. Have a weekend weekday and throw that list out.

Here’s where I’ll be for the rest of the week… or make that month.

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    Nancy Short
    July 28, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    O MY! What sweet joy synchronized breathing must be! Just reading the details of the day — so beautifully expressed, by the way! – reminded me of the day you’ve heard of, more than once. That day…I think it was a Sunday. You were wee-in-my-arms and o so very uncomfy with one/maybe two ear infections. We walked and walked…pacing in Daddy’s and my bedroom, and I was memorizing and teaching you Pslam 139.

    O Em! Today, you have been blessed with great wisdom and perspective. Clearly, it got you through a lot of stuff…pooping on the floor?? :o!! I am so rejoicing in Heaven being allowed access to your heart and mind, this day…in the midst of a lot.

    Give our precious Mancub kisses and a nosehook!! Love you and yours SO!

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