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We have gifts for you!

Andy and I love to open our home. It gives us such great joy to have friends and family come visit us. We haven’t always lived in the most touristy places so our visitors were mostly family and some close friends but now that we live in DC, we have so enjoyed the overflowing schedule of visitors. Especially since we live so far from home, it makes it that much more special to see the faces we haven’t seen in awhile.

We also realized with visiting us comes with a price. The price of blisters, sun burned faces, walking for miles, and the possibility of not getting a good nights rest (we love our Ikea pull out but we usually just sit on it). But not to worry, we have you taken care of! To make your stay at The Casseday’s Basement Bungalow more pleasant, we have just the thing for you!

If you are also expecting guests, just throwing together a few of these items together in a fun container can really make your guests feel at home. I love geting this basket ready because I get to think of all the fun we will have with our guests and the fact that we are blessed with friends who want to come see us… but let’s be honest. They probably just want to come see good ole Honest Abe, but we like to tag a long! In fact, we have some of our favorite people making their way this very minute to come visit us for the 4th!

So, Visitors Welcome! We will have this basket waiting for you and here is a taste of what we will show ya, click here.



There is so much to learn about DC and everywhere you look there is a piece of history. We are still learning about where we live and we have bought several guide books not only for our use but for our visitors as well. Check out the starred  places if you decided to go out on your own one day, they are our favorites. We also lend our voices to reading you bits of info while you want to practice your shutterbug skills around the Mall.

WelcomeBasket1Riding the Metro around is the best mode of transportation to really get to places. Taxi’s are efficient but can be expensive and if you are trying to get some place in a hurry and it’s rush hour, you are basically paying to sit. We have two extra Metro cards with a map to help get your around the city. Paper Metro tickets are fine, but starting last year, to encourage getting a plastic card, Metro charges an extra dollar each way when using a paper ticket.



  1. 1. Antibiotic ointment: Just in case you get blisters from all the walking. My feet still get them and I have definitely walked DC.
  2. 2. BandAids: See above! And these are the big ones, the ones that cover your whole heel!
  3. 3.  Kleenex: For allergies, sneezes or just to have in case at the Holocaust Museum.
  4. 4.  Natural Sleep Aid: For your jet lag, or to help you sleep in case Tron decides to visit you in the middle of the night. He cuddles.
  5. 5. Aloe: The DC Summer Sun is hot and harsh. I hope you don’t have to use this but it’s there for you if you do.
  6. 6. Chapstick: You may or may not need this, but I just love chapstick.
  7. 7. Hand Sanitizer: There are so many people in DC = so many germs. Just one touch of the metro escalator and you will know what we mean.
  8. 8. Emergen-C: The days can be exhausting after walking in the sun all day. These little guys help you keep going!
  9. 9. Shampoo & Conditioner: Just in case you forgot yours!



  1. 10. Sunscreen: Yes, you will need this. Or you will pay…
  2. 11. Razors: Again… only if you need them.
  3. 12. Alka-Setlzer: DC is known for it’s diverse food. There are so many great and delicious places to eat, you will love it, but your stomach may not.
  4. 13. Ear Plugs: If you can’t sleep, no worries, you can block out the city noises with these bad boys!

We can’t wait to see you! We will get the pull out ready…

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