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Those Who Have Smiled for Me

Some of my favorite smiles

Since high school when I first really picked up a camera and developed my own black and white film, I have had a love affair with pictures. Any photographer will tell you there is something magical about getting behind the camera and capturing that one picture. And it’s absolute magic when you know you got that one smile, that one laugh or when the best man at a wedding has taken off his shirt and is playing the air guitar. Love those shots!

There is still so much I am learning about photography. I feel like I could take pictures for 30 years and still not really know what I am doing, but when my finger pushes that button and I get that shot that sends chills up my spine, I know that I have done something right. But more that just getting a good picture, I love what these pictures stand for. Weddings, engagements, first birthdays, and life. Without a camera, these moments can be forgotten. Photographers are entrusted with not just getting a picture but memorializing an event for the generations to come. It can be a bit daunting but being able to help someone tell their story makes it all worth it.

I have had the blessing of shooting for some of my favorite people for the past 3 years and shooting with another amazing photographer. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past three years from those who have smiled for me. I hope you love them as much as I do.


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I would love to take your pictures as well. If you live near the DC metro area, West Virginia or even just somewhere beautiful, contact me and it would be so fun to get to know you and take your pictures!

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