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the well: part 2

The Well: Part 2

Thank you for reading yesterday. It means so much to me and my heart AND I hope what you read, grabbed your heart. I feel as if this story has so much to tell.

Today, I am sharing the Day 2 segment from the devotional. It’s where I begin to break down not just her story, but Biblical meaning and context so you really can see Jesus. As in, really SEE Jesus. That nothing he did was by accident; everything he did was intentional solely because of his great love for us.

So meet me here again today, sweet friend, and ask the Lord to show you something new!

Day Two:

Welcome back friend. Brave Warrior. You have seen and felt pain. You have faced the day with the scars of your own tears and you are stronger for it. Are you ready to get back into this?

First thing we are going to do is dive into scripture. Reread the passage from John 4:1-6.

Ok, There are a couple of things I want us to look at. I promise we are going to tie things together in a bit, but we are going to get educational here. A bit more brainy and less emotional. But if you are like me, learning the bigger picture makes God so much more than words on a white page.

Jesus had left Judea and was headed to go to Galilee. Easy right? He was traveling from the south up north. Verse 4 NIV states, “Jesus had to go through Samaria”. Ok, I get it. To get from point A to point B Jesus is looking at his map and sees that he must travel right through Samaria. That makes sense to me! When I am trying to get myself to Target, I’m going to take the straightest path that I can, with maybe a quick pit stop to grab some coffee. Well, Jesus wasn’t grabbing coffee, and he wasn’t taking the “easiest” route but this is what I love about diving in God’s word. We learn just how much is really going on by reading between the “lines”.

The language here in verse 4 was Jesus HAD to go through Samaria. This is two fold and so huge once we break it down. We will get to the second part about why this is so big but the first thing we are going to talk about is why even stopping in Samaria is such a big deal. Especially in the Jewish culture. Jews and Samaritan’s didn’t get a long. Not even in the slightest. In fact, Jewish persons would intentional divert around Samaria on the way to Galilee so they wouldn’t have to interact with Samaritans. It all started because of war, intermarriage, and pagan beliefs mixed with Judaism. Imagine a Biblical Keeping up with the Kardashians.

So we have a Jewish person. Not just person, but a man, and not just a man… a Rabbi. A Teacher. Someone who is supposed to uphold the Jewish law and customs. There is no way a Jewish Rabbi would intentionally go through Samaria let a lone STOP in Samaria. Cue Gasps please! But there is one thing drastically different about this Jewish man. It’s Jesus.

Jesus. The man who had done everything different from what a typical Jewish Rabbi would do.

Ok, if this isn’t enough to paint the picture of where we are going, here is another fun Biblical fact. Jesus was headed straight for the town of Sychar. What is so important about this Samaritan town is that there is well here. It is in fact Jacob’s well. Jacob is an Old Testament powerhouse. Son of Isaac who was the son of Abraham. His name rings a historical familiarity like Rockefeller or JP Morgan. This well is important. We will get back to this point later on. But like most of Jesus’ doings, they are multi-faceted and have so many meanings to them.

This gives me chills sweet friend. Are you getting them yet? I hope so. If not, no worries, I hope they come later because this is just going to getting better and better.

Here, this may help. Jesus HAD to go through Samaria. Because maybe, just maybe, he HAD to keep a divine appointment. And it was at noon, the hottest time of the day. Exactly when no one would be at a well except someone trying to hide from everyone else.

I do love diving into Scripture and picking the pieces a part. It’s like a giant puzzle going in reverse. You see the big picture first but then when you start picking it a part, you begin to see the pieces that complete the story. Was there any piece of this story that stood out to you?



I want you to write out Verse 4 here below.



Now I want you to change it. Instead of writing Samaria. I want you to write where you want Jesus to go. Where he has to go. For me, “It’s Jesus had to go to Greeley, Colorado.” He HAD to go to Greeley, Colorado… to met me.



You see friend, nothing, NOTHING God does is to chance. And he doesn’t ever HAVE to do anything he doesn’t want.


Lord, everything you do is not set to chance. We praise you for that! You are Holy and good. Your paths are marked by truth and goodness. Thank you for being faithful… and for keeping your appointments. You are amazing Father. Amen.



Your Prayer:



Extra Credit: Read Genesis 25-50 to learn more about Jacob, Listen to Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells, plan your dream road trip and don’t just go from Point A to Point B.

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