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the WE podcast

The WE Podcast

You guys! Have you ever meet someone who just loved you for who you were and embraced your story? Someone who lifted you up despite all the self-doubt and craziness? Someone who you JUST met, but they already support you because they see your value and want to share life with you?

I can’t even begin to say what a blessing Sarah Monares has already been in my life, but she is a rock star and I’m so glad that I now get to call her a friend. Sarah is just one of those people who radiates love, compassion, and has this fire within her for women. It is so rare these days to find true, genuine champions of women but Sarah is just that, a rare gem.

I had the amazing pleasure of being on her podcast, called The WE Podcast. She basically let me talk for an hour about myself, my story, my dreams, and goals. She encouraged me, spoke truth to me, and we had a blast.

Please definitely check out Sarah’s blog and if you have a moment, listen to the podcast. I talk about my adoption journey, self-doubt, image issues, and how Blush got it’s start… I promise you won’t be disappointed and I would be so honored.

But if anything, check out Sarah’s blog; you will also be able to find Sarah with me at Northern Colorado Mom’s Blog where we will both be writing.

Love you all, Em

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