Faith and Hope

The Mirror Chronicles

Not as exciting as the Chronicles of Narnia but still dear to my heart.

I feel like I have been confessing a lot on here lately. But isn’t that the point of a blog, to share and allow others to glimpse into your life just a little bit? When I started this blog just a few short weeks ago my goal was to be as candid as I could be while hoping to inspire people to flourish and hope in their life, whether personally, through decor/design, or just in general. I guess these confessions are just a part of that journey. So here we go.

I am not good at praying. In fact, I think God chuckles every time I say a prayer. Like “Good try Em, next time maybe without the mind wandering or maybe you shouldn’t say please so much, or Really? Put down your phone! I don’t care if someone just liked your Instagram photo!”

But never the less, I am trying. I have actually learned a lot about prayer, especially since reading our pastor’s, Mark Batterson, book on prayer called Draw the Circle. I mentioned it here in this post. One of the things I am trying to do more is pray for others. I can get so wrapped up in my/our life that I forget other’s really need prayer too, and God can work some amazing miracles when others pray. So how I am doing this is? Every Monday I post on my Facebook wall asking how I can pray for anyone that week. I then take a dry erase marker and write them on my mirror in the bathroom. When I am getting ready each day, I say a prayer for each person/item on that list. I love hearing weeks later if that prayer came true or if God orchestrated some miracle. Now, I am not saying that because I prayed God heard and commanded lightening to answer that request, but it is exciting to be a part of His plan.

So please, if you ever have a prayer and want some extra lips sending it towards heaven, please know that I have a HUGE mirror in my bathroom and I would gladly write it on my list. No prayer is too big or too small. NEVER! God hears it all, even mine, especially when praying for a parking space around our neighborhood in DC. And it doesn’t have to be on a Monday either! Send it my way not matter what.

Now, to prove how big my mirror is, here are a couple of pictures:



Some of the requests have been blocked out due to being of a private nature. Which means, I also take those. They won’t be shared with anyone except Andy because he has to get ready too.

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