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the master plan

It’s all about the master bedroom.

Did you hear we bought a house? Check out that post here.

Oh man. With a new house comes so much, and I’m not talking about more space (we are currently living in a 300 square foot room in Andy’s parents basement, see those pics here!). We have so many ideas for this new house. We plan on being in this house for all of eternity and then some. We want this house to really reflect who we are and have a little fun with it. I want to be fearless with our decorating in this house, with more personality!

As you can see below, our master bedroom has gone through some changes. She started out plain jane with our college furniture to hopefully a lady with her style, kinda like Lady Gaga, just with less raw meat.

Let’s go back in time!

Circa 2008

bedroom2008Circa 2010

bedroom2010Circa 2012

bedroom2012And finally Circa 2013… a little better but not by much…

bedroom2013So where does that leave us now? We don’t want to get rid of the furniture we have, it’s still quite new and most of the decor pieces we have, we still love, like the mirrors, the lamps and our headboard. I wanted a clean, new look with a modern twist. Enter in the inspiration!


(image sources here)

Between the lovely almost midnight blue paint color, cream and mustard yellow, with the unique prints and natural elements, my heart just can’t be still. Oh, sweet mercy.

So here is the master plan:


1. Loving this bed skirt. The perfect match of modern and elegance. // 2. Soft and textured Linen Duvet Cover. A great canvas for fun pillows. // 3. I can’t get enough of this White Faux Bison Skull, totally humane and totally chic. // 4. I can’t… Nope, no words. And also no longer available. So sad. // 5. This pillow is what dreams are made of. // 6. Twig Table Top, love, love. // 7. This print is just so beautiful to me, beautiful and so needed. // 8. I love the old world look of this work lamp. //9. Sweet knobs for our already owned 10. Hemnes Ikea Dresser, a staple of every home!

All for a total of under $500.00! That is what I call a master plan!

What are you inspiration are you loving?

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