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The Evolution of a Home

There really is no place like home…

We are about to celebrate our 5th Wedding anniversary! Yes, 5th! I still can’t believe it. I feels like yesterday that Andy and I were celebrating with our 400 closest friends and family (yes, again, 400, but that is because Andy’s family is huge and we both grew up in Churches that have deep roots).

I think the reason why these past 5 years have flown by is because Andy and I have lived a whirlwind of a life. An amazing life, but we just never seem to stop moving… literally. I am sitting on our couch writing this post in our 5th place of living since tying the knot. We always seems to find our selves settling in and then uprooting right back again, and we know the winds of change are coming again. It’s just how it goes when you are married to a man in the construction world (Andy manages large constructions projects for a mechanical contractor).

One thing we have learned though, no matter where you live, or go, your home is where you are. Very cliché, I know, but we have been able to make our home based on the fact of who we let into it, what we do in it, and how we love in it. When Andy and I were starting to get serious (way back in our Sophomore Year of college), we sat down and wrote out our goals of what we wanted our lives to look like. One of our top goals was to let our home be a haven to those all around. It’s been incredible the things God has done in our home, from ministering to college kids, backyard BBQs, friends crashing on the pullout and more, our residence, no matter where we go will be a home. Every place we have lived in has fit our needs, our wants and has never felt “not right”. I solely believe that this is because each time we move, we pray for our next house and when we get in it, we pray over each room. I strongly recommend doing this because when you make a place sacred, God will honor your convenant.

Now for fun. I thought I would share pictures from our past places of living! Not only has our marriage grown and matured but our interior design tastes have as well… please don’t judge our previous tastes. We just didn’t know any better.

Our Apartment in San Ramon, California July 2008 to December 2008

Things to look for:

  • Our old school tv
  • A teddy bear and monkey
  • Andy
  • Our college furniture

216_575959849873_2172_n 216_575959859853_2803_n 216_575959864843_3119_n 216_575959869833_3454_n 216_575959874823_3796_n 216_575959884803_4447_n 216_575959889793_4769_n
216_575959909753_6110_n 216_575959924723_7143_n 216_575959934703_7854_n 216_575959939693_8195_n 216_575959944683_8556_n


Our First Home that we bought, Greeley, Colorado, July 2010 to October 2011

Things to look for:

  • Crazy paint colors
  • A Baby Boomer
  • Andy’s Prize 4H Rocket
  • Again with the horribly mismatched furniture

5609_660788397783_1873237_n 5609_660788407763_6638738_n 5609_660788417743_5668463_n 5609_660788432713_2267566_n 5609_660788442693_5298627_n 5609_660788447683_5791646_n 5609_660788452673_2478205_n 5609_660788457663_7547313_n 5609_660788208163_5228647_n 5609_660788477623_6820965_n 5609_660788472633_2477504_n 5609_660788462653_7030292_n


Our house in Morgantown, WV, October 2011 to July 2012

Things to look for:

  • The start to furniture looking like it belongs together
  • A Tron
  • Halloween decorations
  • Sorry the pictures are so grainy!

71977_778163377383_1789043_n 72448_778163527083_1254053_n 66938_778163611913_2692570_n 67763_778163776583_5186233_n 73021_778163846443_238296_n 68374_778163926283_2275526_n 69141_778163971193_58629_n 66587_778164021093_1420391_n 73380_778164165803_4469957_n 66993_778672077943_6646209_n 39560_778163237663_4550941_n

And our current residence, Our apartment in Washington, DC July 2012 till ?

Things to look for:

  • A love note on a mirror
  • Common items from the last 3 houses
  • More Tron sightings
  • Lemons that look real but aren’t!

298750_10100625136223983_1724352442_n 394418_10100625136258913_1475261811_n 481129_10100625136673083_1026326476_n 524401_10100625136737953_741680174_n 185542_10100625136772883_574246970_n 574764_10100625137306813_1771842659_n 217900_10100625136917593_1107818932_n 527258_10100625137027373_551565380_n 549637_10100625137132163_742338723_nThis was a long post, so thanks for sticking around!




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