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the creative collective

the creative collective

Hey sweet lady friends. I have something pretty special to share. A dear friend of mine and I have started a group on Facebook for Creative Lady Bosses.

We are a tribe of women. Women who are strong, smart, passionate, and creative. We are also women who own our own businesses and believe in supporting other women owned businesses. This is a group to allow us to encourage each other, ask important questions, inspire one another, and network.

We are also a group who believes in uplifting, not competition. We believe in talking truth, not talking behind backs. We will support and encourage, not belittle or condescend. It is our goal to be a group of women who put each other first and allow each of us to thrive in our businesses.

If you are a one of these women we would love to have you join us! Check out our group here: The Creative Collective.

See you in the group!

Love you, Em

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