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My Favorite thing about April: Baseball

Opening day has come and gone but the excitement inside the Casseday household is still at it’s peak! We LOVE baseball. If there was another word to describe the feelings we have towards this spring/summer/fall sport, that are bigger than love then that is what we feel.

Now, I do need to be honest. I did not always feel this way. I did enjoy a game here and there but mostly when I was invited by a friend but my feelings for the sport only grew when I met and fell in love with my amazing husband, Andy. I guess I associate baseball with him because that is where I really began to fall in love with him. Our first “date” we watched a Rockies game, our year anniversary was spent at a Rockies game, he bought me my first Rockies jersey and we spent most every Fourth of July at Coors Field in Colorado for the Fireworks.  He taught me how to keep score, how to tell what kinda of pitch was coming and what it meant when a player would sacrifice a base. I think at first I just wanted him to talk to me but then I began to see the reason behind the game and why he loved it and it quickly became something I loved as well.

When we were married and began to move, with the chaos of a new place and people, there was one thing that seemed to remain steadfast. The baseball field. Even with a new team and park, we happened to live in the same league where the Rockies would always play but there was something comforting about the baseball park. We could identify with the game, the fans and the feelings.

We have cheered on several “home” teams that will always remain close to our hearts, The Giants, Pirates and now the Nationals but we will always be Colorado Rockies fans at heart. Our collection of Rockies memorabilia is borderline obscene and Andy has a shelf in our room just for his baseball hats. A picture of Coors Field hangs proudly in our bedroom and if you reach for a glass in our kitchen, chances are the Rockies logo will be on it. But it’s more than that, it’s a part of us. How we came together and I hope it will continue to be a family tradition, no matter where we live. Baseball will be a part of our family.

I have put together my favorite things about America’s favorite past time. And if you are in town, let’s go to a game. Maybe we will catch a fly ball!

AprilFavsBaseball1 AprilFavsBaseball2Just for fun, see some of our favorite memories from last season! These were taken at the Rockies vs. Phillies Game… we had pretty good seats :).


Rockies1 Rockies2



What is your favorite part of April?

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