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the greatest place on earth

It is happening. It is finally happening. After 20 plus years of asking to go, my family is taking a vacation to Disney World!

Andy and I, along with my parents will be traveling to the Sunshine state to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend for some serious fun in the sun. Six grown adults with no children will be taking the greatest place on earth by storm. I feel like that little kid in the commercial who is too excited to sleep! Ah! So excited!

We can hardly wait to go, but since we have never been, we would love to hear whatever tips and and suggestions you have. We have three days total in the park and we are staying off the resort in a house.


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    There is no place like home… After two amazing, beautiful, grueling, feet wearing weeks, we are home. We traveled all over the Mediterranean by airplane, boat, taxi and our own feet. It was absolutely just what we needed, except my feet have never been so…

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    Leaving on a Jet Plane

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    Are we crazy? We are taking a cruise. The really funny part about this whole trip is we booked our cruise the same week Carnival had broken down in the gulf of Mexico. I was literally listening to footage of the the poor people having…

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