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Handmade, So Stylish

Handmade Style

There is something special about handmade. Not just for the artist but for the consumer as well. You know the item you have isn’t just special because you love it but because it was created by someone so talented. Most times, when you buy handmade you can actually speak and connect with the artist directly and appreciate the product you have.

In my former job, I was immersed in the handmade community and loved every minute of it. I discovered unique and amazing products along with talented artists that create these pieces. As an avid DIY-er and now a handmade shop owner as well, I understand the time and effort behind each item. It is truly magical.

I have decided to share some of my favorite handmade items that I just can’t get enough of. I hope you stop by each of these shops and spend awhile. These artists are extremely talented and well versed in their crafts. I like to think that handmade style makes the world go round. Let’s keep on spinning!

TrustintheLordEle Handmade makes the sweetest shoes and they come all the way from Italy. I love every pair, especially the ones with the tassels.

TrustintheLordFleet Collection dresses are the perfect mix of sweet and whimsical.

TrustintheLordI love Zelma Rose Necklaces. Everything about them. I wear mine all the time and constantly get compliments. You should get one too!


I can’t get enough of this artist, Emily Martin and her shop The Black Apple. There is something so beautifully haunting about her work.

TrustintheLordThese coasters are speaking my language. The colors, shapes and the fact that I can put my drink anywhere with these guys. Love The Coastal.

TrustintheLordAnd finally, these lovely little pillows. Bright, cheerful and straight to the point. Alexandra Ferguson is amazing!