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October Favorites

While this month has felt like one of the longest it also just seemed to wiz right on by. I feel like I just can’t seem to pin down the days. It’s been a rough month being a part from Andy for so long… but you guys! He came home last night! I’m just so overwhelmed with love for that man…

But even between the craziness that this month brought, it also brought some amazing fun new things. Are you ready?

October Favorites


Record: Closer- Tegan and Sara, it has been on repeat.

Website: SkillShare– a virtual classroom for anything you ever wanted to learn in the creative sector

Outfit: Bow Sweater- I am addicted to bows. I will not apologize

Recipe: Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe from Pamela’s Products all purpose baking flour. Tastes like the real thing.

Find: DoTerra’s Essential Oils – I’m gonna write a dissertation on these babies, don’t worry! I use them for EVERYTHING.

Random: DIY Antler Coat Rack. Oh Sweet Mercy!

Treat: Gluten Free Glazed Doughnuts. Enough said.

Quote: When one Loves, one does not calculate. Preach!