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The Classic White Shirt

Dress Me Up: The Classic White Shirt

I love taking a piece of clothing and creating several outfits around it. I makes it easier to have a multi-dimensional wardrobe and when your a girl on the go… and on a budget, it makes life so much easier!

One of the best staples to have in any wardrobe is the classic white shirt. White goes with everything and anything! It can be the most versatile piece of clothing you have. It doesn’t have to be plain. In fact, I like all my shirts to have just a little something special to them.

I have recently found the perfect white shirt. While walking through Target, I happened upon the new designer showcase by Phillip Lim. I had never heard of him but I love Target and can’t get enough of their darling clothes. When I saw this white shirt with crystal beading, I just knew we were meant for each other.

I originally bought the shirt for a rehearsal dinner that we will be going to, but I have put together 3 other different looks from work to play so I can wear it more than once. If you hurry, this shirt is still on sale! It’s worth it. It’s so super cute.


Tuxedo White Shirt

The Looks:

1. Work: Polka Dot Sweater / Blue Jersey Pencil Skirt / Beige Suede Heels / Mustard Tights

2. Play: Olive Jeans / Black Stone Bracelet / Black Leather Boots

3. Night Out: Black Tuxedo Pants / Hot Pink Purse / Color Block Heels

4. Date Night: Polka Dot Skirt / Color Block Flats / Orange Earrings

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