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Psalm 45:11

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Just One of Those Days


I just love the days when I feel good, my hair has never looked better and when I go out, people compliment my clothes. I feel like I can conquer the world because all is right in the mirro! But then there are those days where, o my goodness, nothing looks good on me, my hair in the DC humidity looks like a drowned poodle and I just wish I had not even attempted getting out of bed. But what I hate the most is how those days seem to control my attitude and actions.

Lately I have been finding myself solely judging the days on how I look to myself, my friends, my husband, the Fed-Ex man, the Starbucks Barista, etc… It’s become a strange sickness and I suddenly find myself spiraling downward because of how I just can’t control humidity and frizz. In fact last night, I didn’t want to go get dinner with Andy because I had just showered and didn’t want to put make up on. O brother, who cares right? Like the guy at Noodles is going to determine my worth based on if I have mascara or not.

This is has always been a struggle for me. I wish it wasn’t, but it has. I had a very awkward stage my friends. Very awkward, and if I still wasn’t self conscience about it, I would post the awesome pictures of 12 year old me. It has taken a lot for me to realize that God made me the way I am, curly hair, curvy and super short. We are bombarded with images daily of how we are supposed to look, feel and act based solely on an image. That image is usually a very tall, skinny, straight haired one and I am none of those but I know that I was made for a purpose. That my worth doesn’t come from the size of my jeans, my eyelashes or the mirror in general but in the God that created me and I am in His image. That is enough for me. Does this come easy? O my word no! Not at all. I have to remind myself that everyday, but slowly I am beginning to see His plan for me. We, as women, need to understand that we just more than our image. While I still love to shop and get my hair done, I need to be focusing on how I act based on who really is important.

One thing that really helps to nail this into my head is a verse that a friend shared with me in college. Psalm 45:11. Write it on your mirror, your notebooks, your hand… anywhere will you see it because it is so true.

You can also download this graphic and have it on your computer, cell phone or whatever you want. Just click on the picture!