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résumés are the new black

O man. The job search. It is just not fun.

I have been actively searching for about 3 months and there are moments when I just want to throw in the towel and move back home. It can be so frustrating when you apply and never hear back… ah. Talk about a kick to the self confidence. There have been several times where I have found the “perfect” job and am so sure that I will hear back and then nothing. I feel like I am being broken up with over and over again…”It’s not me, it’s you.”

I have usually been very blessed with finding jobs. I haven’t had to go through the heart ache of feeling unemployable until now, and   I am so thankful for that. But since moving to DC, I have wanted to find a career in the area in which my degree is in, Communications, with a Social Media aspect or to work within a creative market. In other cities, it may be easier to find these jobs, but in a city where it is all about WHO you know rather than WHAT you know… it can be more than a struggle.

We have lived here for a little over a year and we have meet some incredible people, and so many of them have offered to pass my résumé around but I always feel a little apprehensive asking friends to do this. I want them to realize our friendship is special to me and I don’t want to use them just as a job connection. So, sweet friends, if you have done this for me, thank you! I can not say that enough!

So what now? Well, I’m glad you have stuck around long enough because this is when it gets fun.

When I sat back and thought about a way to make myself get noticed, the first thing I could really think of was changing up my résumé. Give it a little pop and a facelift.

Like any good researcher, I hit the google search for fun résumés. You guys! I’m telling you, I so wished I had gotten my degree in graphic design. I had so much fun looking through all these fun designs. Some people put their résumés on milk cartons, t-shirts and more. You can purchase a template and have someone put your résumé together or design one yourself like I did.

Now, I have just recently done this, and I don’t know if it will work but I have faith and hope that the right person will see it and want to meet me. Is this what internet dating feels like? This is scary.

Here are some of my favorites and you can see a peek of mine too. Most of these are for design jobs and would not be suitable for other professions, but they are so fun!

Let me know what you think! Are updating résumés the new black? (PS you should check out Orange is the New Black on Netflix, so funny!)


These are Résumés you can actually purchase from Loft Resumes. There are a lot of templates to choose from; these two are my favorites but there are ones that are super traditional to a little more edgier.


These  are also templates you can purchase where the graphic designer actually inputs all your info in for you! She is super talented an also has a lot to choose from. I love bright colors so these are speaking my language. See more at 23 & 9 Creative.

These next few are just a few of the many fun resumes out there by very talented people for themselves. They are amazing!

ResumeSamplesPau Morgan / Genevieve Dennis /Scribbled Napkin Design

And mine! Don’t worry, that isn’t what I really put as our address…