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We need each other

This had been on my heart for a long time and I have wanted to write about it for a while now. I love meeting new people and since we have moved quite a bit, there is plenty of opportunity for this. Every time we move, I get excited to meet someone new and establish a relationship with them. We now have great friends from all over the states and even some in different countries. Our lives have been touched by some people that have changed our lives for the better. If we never left Colorado, our lives would be so different.  And anyone that can put up with our, mostly Andy’s shenanigans, is a friend for life in our books!

This move to DC, however, was a lot harder than most. You can read more about that here, but don’t worry, this post isn’t about moving or DC, it’s about something deeper. The relationships we need to survive.

I love my husband and he is my best friend, but there is something about having good girlfriends that women need as an essential part of their lives. God made women to be relational especially with other women.  All it takes for a group of women to connect is the love over a good pair of shoes and chocolate. But again, I don’t need to tell you how women bond. The thing I want to talk about is when we let jealousy, comparison, and gossip enter our lives and destroy these precious relationships.

I was talking with a friend the other day about the girls in her wedding party and she said that she doesn’t talk to one of the girls anymore because they had a falling out, here’s the kicker, she has NO idea what happened. She said she couldn’t think of what she did or said or even if she did anything at all, but that she no longer had contact with her. I can’t tell you how many times, this has happened to me or another friend of mine. Another one of my friends from out of state went through a divorce this past year and said when she needed someone the most, she couldn’t find anyone around. She felt utterly alone. But why? Why do we let this happen?

Whether it’s because of jealousy, comparison, passive aggressiveness, sarcasm, or gossip, relationships are being destroyed and we as women need to put a stop to it. Satan uses these things to tear us down and break what God created as sacred. I’m not saying we need to be friends with everyone, but we all do deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

When we let jealousy into our hearts, it can do so much damage. We all have seen Mean Girls right? Instead of letting our thoughts lead towards comparison, let us encourage one another and become a huge support group for each other. We can do more as a body of women then as individuals. This is something I have struggled with for years and God is showing me how to change that comparison into having joy for others and their lives.

So friends, I am challenging not just you but myself as well to be a better friend. I vow to love you, respect you, honor you, and encourage you. I will support you in your life and celebrate your accomplishments. I will cry with you, pray for you, and help you. I will call you when you need a friend to listen and give you a pep talk when you need encouragement. I will do my best to be there for you when you need it, even at 3 in the morning. Please know that I am learning and will mess up, but I will be the first to apologize. In return, I expect you to give me grace and respect. We need to love on each other, not try and tear each other down to make ourselves feel good. In the end, we will only be left with ourselves if we do that. We also deserve to be treated well; if you find yourself in a toxic relationship, it’s ok to make a clean break, but do it with kindness. No one deserves to be a doormat in a relationship, romantic or in a friendship. But when you find good friends, hold on to them and treat them well. Because…

We need each other, we really do.

Love you dearly friend!