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Glass Etching Continued

I seriously can’t get enough of glass etching. If one were to have a problem with a certain craft, then yes, I am the first to admit I have a problem. I literally want to etch every surface of glass that I own.


I thought I would share another glass etching project with you all. You can see my jar tutorial here, but today I am sharing how I used glass etching to make a little mirror fancier and gave a frame a facelift.


Glass Etching Cream and a brush

Adhesive stencils

Anything Glass… literally anything.

Here’s what I used:


Make sure you glass surfaces are clean and dust free. Apply the stencils and “iron” them down so there are no bubbles. This is important. Next spread the etching cream on the stencil making sure it is evenly coated.

GlassEtching3 GlassEtching4Wait about 20 minutes for the cream to effectively work and then thoroughly wash it off. Make sure you do not get it on your skin! If you do, wash it off immediately.

Now enjoy your new designs!

GlassEtching5 GlassEtching6 GlassEtching7