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a facelift and a new change


Flourish and Hope and Emilie Marian Designs is combining into one and getting so fancy!

I have been thinking for a while that Flourish and Hope encompasses all that I do, not just this space where I can share and dream, but also the work that I love to do, design.

So much of the two, blog and shop, intertwine, that I felt the two should be as one. So along with that comes a new look.

Fresh, Simple and Clean.

I wanted a look that expressed my love of design while appreciating the beauty of type, expression and the mix of old world and edge.

A little bit of style with some rock and roll.

See the new looks on:





  • Design and Inspired, Emilie Marian Designs

    organize your desktop

    I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes to organization. I like my folders, my paper, pens, forms, subfolders, cabinets…. you get it. I’m not very good at digital organization. I can’t even remember where I save things half the time (not so good for when…

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  • Emilie Marian Designs

    Sweet New Additions

    These past couple of days I have been having so much fun designing some sweet new additions to the shop. I can’t wait to show them to you! Whether you are going back to school or just need some fun new “school” supplies, you can…

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  • Emilie Marian Designs

    Gold Foil Prints

    I am so, so excited to announce these new gold foil prints have arrived to the shop! They are so beautiful. I have already put mine into frames and have them hung up in the apartment. They would look so good in any home. Check…

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  • Emilie Marian Designs

    You’re Invited…

    It’s Party Season I may be a little late to this party train being that we are in full swing of the summer season but I wanted to make sure that I researched, designed and had plenty of time to make the invitations I was…

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  • Emilie Marian Designs

    Need Something Pretty?

    Custom Work Since I have started my own business I have had an overflow of sweet friends and family who have supported this new adventure. It has been scary, intimidating and I feel like I learn something new everyday. I thought I would share the…

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  • Design and Inspired, Emilie Marian Designs

    Coming Soon…

    A little something to tide you over! Andy and I are about to head out on a much needed family vacation with my parents and my brother. You can read more about our trip to Rome and the Mediterranean cruise here. In the chaos of packing, last minute…

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