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Saying Goodbye

Today is my last full day here in the District.

Last night, we said goodbye to our amazing DC family, our church small group. The tears were full and I just let them come.


I hate goodbyes. I know that is so clich√© sounding, but I do. I hate this part of ¬†moving. I know it’s coming, and I dread it. The tears, the words, the sadness, the realization that this might be the last time we see some of these people. If it were up to me, I would just not even say goodbye. That is so selfish of me, so I know I must see these people and places to say, “see you soon.” In fact, that is what helps me get through it. Not actually saying goodbye, just see you soon.

There has been something different about this move though. Not just the fact that we are returning home, but something about it just feels so ordained by God. Not that any of our other moves haven’t been ordained, but this one just feels so personal, so tailored to fit us that we know good things are on the horizon. Especially after last night.

I can’t even begin to describe the love we felt last night. After the bigger group of newer people left our small group meeting, we sat in a circle of the people that we have gotten to know, love, pray with, cry with and experience DC with. They brought out champagne and began to toast us with words of encouragement, blessings, funny stories and so much kindness. Then afterward, they prayed over us.

This is when the tears really came. I don’t know if you believe in prayer, in God or anything spiritual, but I hope someday you do. That you experience the power that we both felt from the Holy Spirit last night. As their words poured out, I literally had chills run up in down my body. Prayers for our life, our future, our jobs, prayers for our animals, our experiences and moving were not just said. They felt sealed upon us. Words of blessings and love made their mark upon us last night.

As I was sitting there, feeling the Holy Spirit wash over me, over us, another thought came to mind. How amazing God is. Truly, how he answers prayers. About a year ago, I sat in the very same place I am right now, the bed, and prayed circles around the word community. I was so lonely, Andy was working in West Virginia still, and I ached for a group of people that we could call family. I don’t want to say I am surprised that God answers prayers, but when He answers them in ways you can’t imagine, you begin to only see a glimpse of how much He truly loves us.

Now, as I walk through the maze that our apartment has become I see a plan for our future in these boxes. While the sadness is still present, I feel now more than ever that God will walk us through every phase of this move. He already has.


As I sit here and think about this day, and all the days leading up to it, there are things that I know now, that I’m so glad God chose to teach us here. At the time, it felt like God had stuck out in the cold, but looking back, he was preparing the way for whatever adventure was to come.

And because I like lists so much, here you go!

1. Our marriage is solid. 6 months of only seeing each other on the weekends, late nights, Subway for dinner, lost jobs, heavy workload solid. There is nothing we can’t tackled together, even when we are apart.

2. We have more in us than we ever imagined or though possible. I was able to start my own business, start this blog, and open up a whole new chapter that was I was too scared to do when I had other things going on. It wasn’t until a desperate moment opened a door.

3. God hears us personally, no matter how big or how small the request is. From finding your lost dog, a parking space at one am, to blessing us with community.

So here we go, CO bound. Please come visit. We will now have an extra bedroom instead of a pullout.

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