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going gluten free

Do you ever have those moments where you just realize the only person you haven’t been honest with as of lately is yourself? Oh, dear.


I just had a face to face conversation with myself. I was pretty hard on myself. There was some harsh words, tears, and some good ole fashioned hugging at the end. I even ended the conversation with myself by saying, “It’s just because I really do care about you, I want you to succeed!” I think I got the message across.

So, what now?

It’s time to get healthy. Not just the drink more water, walk more, and so on… but really healthy. Like start doing what my body needs me to do in order to make sure I am the best possible version of myself. You can read about my health issues here but I have a condition called PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and it makes everything about 100% harder. Harder to lose weight, harder to get pregnant, harder to have energy and harder to be normal. Some days it feels like a losing battle. I never felt good, I was always tired. Boo.

But then, it hit me on a lovely Roman Spring day. I had just finished a plate of spaghetti in this super cute piazza restaurant and …. I crashed. For the first time, it really hit me. I can’t eat wheat.

Because of my PCOS and the way my hormones work, when I eat complex carbs, like wheat, my body doesn’t store it as energy. It stores it as fat. Such a bummer. 

So… this is it. My final wake up call. This girl has got to get in shape. Especially since we are talking about having kids in the next year or two. That’s right friends, we are finally ready! I will definitely keep you updated on all that.

But until then, here is my plan of attack. It will be hard, but I believe in the end, it will well worth it.

I am going Gluten Free. 100% no wheat of any kind! This is going to be tough, but it’s amazing how many restaurants have gluten free menus and so many good options at the grocery store. This is happening. And if you have made this decision whether or not for health reasons, we are in this together. Let’s swap recipes and share our helpful hints. Because we can do this, especially together!

And to get us started, here are my favorite gluten free products so far! Just try them… you will love them.

UntitledIf you have any recommendations too, let me know! I would love to know them!

1. Simply Balanced Noodles / 2. Individual Brownie Mixes-Pamela’s Products/ 3. Van’s Gluten Free Waffles / 4. Omission Beer- Amazing / 5. Applegate Chicken Nuggets / 6. Apple Cinnamon Chex / 7. Baking Mix – Pamela’s Products / 8. Udi’s Pizza Crusts / 9.King Arthur Flour Muffin Mix