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sweet dairy farm family shoot

sweet dairy farm family shoot

I have been so blessed to have married into a wonderful family. My hubby, Andy, comes from this huge extended family. When we were married, the invites to my side of the family maybe reached to a total of 30-40. We had 100, ONE HUNDRED, people from Andy’s side of the family from Greeley alone at our wedding. I just didn’t even know families could be that big! But what a wonderful family they are, including Andy’s sweet cousin Patti.

Patti and her family own a dairy farm east of Greeley and when she asked if we could do a family shoot out there, I was elated! Corn fields, cows, dark rainy skies, a vintage truck, and a beautiful family made the night just absolutely stunning. I’m a little late on sharing this fun shoot (from last summer) but it remains one of my favorites! So thank you Seiber family; you guys were just so fun!

Love you all, Em

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