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Farmer’s Market Finds


I was just about to go insane from being inside in bed for the past few days and wanted to get out and at least see some sunshine. We also needed to go grocery shopping. What better way to accomplish both than the local Farmer’s Market!

I have been wanting to go the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market for awhile now. We stumbled upon it the other day while walking with some friends after breakfast. We didn’t have time to stop and shop so I made a mental note to come back. I love buying our groceries from Farmer’s Markets. The fact that we are supporting a small, local business while getting fresh food and getting out into our neighborhood makes for one of my favorite things to do on the weekend, especially for one of our many Sunday Adventures.

We grabbed our re-usable shopping bags and Boomer and headed out the front door of our apartment building to… rain. Dang! Well, we were still game but Boo hates water so he took one look and turned around. We grabbed the car and headed down. And then the rain stopped… but the humidity did not. Hello Summer in DC. Let the games begin!


Here are our finds from this first venture! We really needed some fruit for a dessert this week, cream cheese, an onion and butter. I love buying dairy products from local farms because I know that what I am buying is less processed, hormone free, and better for us. We also bought some ground beef but it is not pictured because it is currently in our freezer.

I walked by the lavender and it smelled amazing, so it came home with us and as for the Jam, also amazing. It tastes so sweet with a little bit of a kick, and spread with the cream cheese, it is a Farmer’s Market Miracle!
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