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Summer Wedding Gift Guide

Get your gift-giving on!

It’s that time of year again! Get out your best party dress (the one with the expandable waistband for cake eating), your dancing shoes, that fancy clutch and of course, go buy up a round of gifts because the wedding invites have started to flood in. Didn’t you just clean out your bank account last year from all the wedding extravangzas? We love our friends dearly, and that’s why year after year, we RSVP a yes and head to the nearest Crate & Barrel, Target, BB&Beyond , Williams and Sonoma and heaven help us, Tiffany & Co.

But if you are like me, you are tired of giving the gravy boat or the silly toaster you know everyone will buy because the store didn’t take it off the registry. Plus, you want your gift to be remembered and special…. and useful! Don’t forget that. I can’t tell you how many crystal coasters and other random hob nobs we received. They may have been “special”, but they were definitely not useful or even sentimental. If it’s not going to add practically to their life, it better make them cry tears of joy.

I hope to put your fears and dread away because I have made the ultimate gift giving guide to not only make you stand out as a thoughtful friend but ones that won’t break the bank either! But they don’t have to know that. Your secret stays with me!


WeddingPresents 1. “HOME Sweet HOME” Pillow: I have this pillow from Earth Cadets and absolutely love it. It’s handmade and so soft… perfect for those newlyweds!

2. All About US Book: Each person fills out what they love about the other, a great way for them to start off their marriage and it can be passed down to the following generations.

3. Personalized Return Address Stamp: A cute and funky return address stamp for  the lovebird’s nest. Help save their hands when they have to write out all those thank you notes. They will be so grateful.

4. Cute Wrapping Paper: Ok, so this isn’t a gift, but this wrapping paper will stand out from the normal over the top wedding paper out there and it’s just so cute…

5.Embroidered Name Wall Hoop: A unique twist to the personalized gift. Embroidery is so in right now, and this one has that perfect retro look to it.

6. Painted Wooden Spoons:  Give them something they can use and display in their kitchen. Two birds, one stone!

7. World Cork Map: This is my favorite gift. Great for any travel lovers and makes amazing wall art. They can start with their first pins being their honeymoon.

8. Wedding Date Coordinates: My second favorite gift. Great for their walls and an instant conversation starter. I love how unique this wall print is.

9. Crosley Record Player: Alright, so this one is my absolute favorite because not only is it amazing but it comes in so many awesome colors. You will forever be remembered when giving this gift, and it isn’t too expensive, but you may want to save this one for you absolutely favorite couple.

10. Always and Forever Card: To go with the really cute wrapping paper, this card is made by the same company, Rifle Paper Co so you know it will be treasured.

11. Retro Side Table: Some newly weds have to build up their furniture and this side table makes a great addition. It comes in different colors and is made of metal, so it will last forever.

I hope this guide helps you in the oncoming wave of festivities… may you survive and eat your weight in wedding cake.

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