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Setting Intentions

My life has gotten significantly busier in the last couple of months. It can be so easy to want to reach over and push the snooze button on my alarm but certain things don’t snooze these days… like a baby in the next room. I also have two businesses that I run, Blush Boutique and a photography biz which keep me on my toes and up late most nights. Sometimes I find that being a mom, a girl boss, a wife, friend, daughter, target shopper, etc… can be so daunting that I need to take the time to recenter and focus on what is important.

It is easy for me to let the devil whisper his lies to me about how I will fail. That I am just not cut out for being all that I want to be. I can’t even begin to list the lies that I have believed about myself and my life. Silly lies. They are silly but horribly believable lies that I have taken to heart and have staked them as truths. They have cracked the foundations that God built my life on and I know that without pouring the truth back into these cracks, I will crumble.

We as women, I believe, feel these lies in the depths of our soul. We let them dictate who we are and who we become. But God created us to be so much more than that. Lovely women, God made man and realized that his creation wasn’t final until he created woman. We are his crowning masterpiece. The Mona Lisa of creation! No lie will ever tear that truth down. So how do we combat this?

For me I found that reading scripture and setting intentions that I read every day help to keep the evil one’s lies at bay. If you have been in to Blush lately, you should have received a card in your bag. If you haven’t, next time, make sure you do! On that card is a verse and a statement that we hope you read when you need it the most… just in case you live far away, I’m attaching the verses and statement here so you can print them out! I’m also adding my intentions to this post in case you need them to.

Remember, you are valued, you are loved, you are precious, and you are set here for a purpose!

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