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If you were to ask me what the one thing I miss the most about living in a house, without hesitation, I would say a backyard. We had an ok backyard in Colorado but my in-laws who lived nearby had an amazing backyard with a fountain, lots of grass, a fire pit, and more. I get so homesick just thinking about it.

When we moved to Morgantown, WV we lucked out and rented a house with private backyard that you could hear the creek that ran down the hill, we had lush vegetation and it was in the shade most of the time. Some of our favorite moments were BBQ’s with our friends, lazy Saturdays playing with Boo, and setting off fireworks.

Now we live in a lovely English Basement and just outside our dwelling, our backyard is all bricks and trashcans. The only grass we have is enclosed in a fence and the closest we have to setting off fireworks are the cars that backfire in the alleyway. The only way we survive our backyard pavement is the park that’s across the street, but I am still missing our grill and all our patio furniture that we had to sell when we moved. There is nothing like a summer night in the backyard with twinkle lights, grilled food and great company. In my longing for a backyard, I put together my favorites for your backyard this summer. Hopefully soon I too can start to enjoy a backyard again!

Outdoor Patio


1. Porch Swing Chair / 2. Lantern Lights / 3. Wooden Patio Desk / 4. Yellow Patio Chair 

5. Plastic Plates / 6. Outdoor Pillow / 7. Solar Power Outdoor Lights / 8. Patterned Umbrella

9. Weathered Patio Set / 10. Trio Drink Dispenser / 11. Metal Patio Ottoman

12. Reversible Patio Rug

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  1. Reply
    Emily K.
    June 26, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    I love the citrusy palette you’ve pulled here! When we lived in a condo, we had a small deck, but weren’t allowed to have a grill. So, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time out there. I’m so thankful that our new house has a decent yard and nice little patio with room for a grill and a table for 6. And I’m looking forward to creating more of an “outdoor room” vibe in the future. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    1. Reply
      emilie marian
      June 26, 2013 at 12:46 pm

      Emily, I just love these bright colors to liven up a space. I am so happy you have a yard now! I wish so badly we did too. Someday we will have one again! You’re welcome for the inspiration! If you ever need help with any other spaces in your home, let me know!

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