our 2018 summer to-do list

our 2018 summer to do list

At the beginning of this summer, Andy and I made a list of all the things we wanted to do while we had warm weather, lots of light, and miles of Colorado sky above us.

Our list looked like this:

  • 1.Water World
  • 2. Concert at Red Rocks
  • 3. Hike – Rocky Mountain National Park
  • 4. Bike ride to dinners – It has been so hot this summer, but we have been able to Bike a bit.
  • 5. Camp – Does visiting my parent’s at Boyd Lake count?
  • 6. Host Backyard BBQs -This we have done several times, and each time has been so fun!
  • 7. Remodel Powder Room – This was the one and only thing I desperately wanted to do… much to Andy’s dismay. And it’s DONE.
  • 8. Rockies Games
  • 9. The Zoo – We have been able to go several times and each time is amazing. Plus the Zoo has beer.
  • 10. Ride our Motorcycle – Yes! After not riding at all last summer, we have been out on the motorcycle several times this summer.
  • 11. Disney World – The best vacation we have been on in years! Just Andy and I went for our Anniversary and my Birthday.
  • 12. Road trip to see Friends
  • 13. Cook more at home – I am proud to say that we have definitely done this. It helps that grilling is an awesome way to cook during the summer.

I have to tell you that it has been hard to try and actually accomplish these. Scheduling time to have “fun”  has been difficult but it has taught Andy and I a lesson in setting time aside for the things that matter. Between us both working, raising a child, taking care of the house (we have had two major hail storms this year), and just getting off the couch, we NEEDED some fun in our summer.

We haven’t done them all, and in fact, some we haven’t gotten to do but we have found that our summer has been fuller. Full of friends, adventures, and so many memories. This is something we will continually do each summer and perhaps maybe each season!

Check out some of our summer fun!

The Zoo:

One of our many Backyard BBQ’s:

Disney World:

Motorcycle Ride:

Hiking in RMNP:

The Dreaded Powder Room Remodel:

So friends, what was on your summer list? Did you get any of them done?

Love you, Em



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