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my favorite local girl bosses

my favorite local girl bosses

I have had the honor of becoming a business owner over the past couple of years. Not just a business owner, but a Girl Boss. Someone who worked so hard to accomplish her dreams because she couldn’t live in the thought that it wouldn’t come true. BUT my dreams couldn’t have happened if I didn’t have other people supporting me a long the way. In return, I want to share some of my favorite local (Northern Colorado) girl bosses with you because these women are amazing, talented, and full of passion.

The Happy Cookie- Nikki Barrios

Nikki is t.a.l.e.n.t.e.d. I can’t even begin to say how talented Nikki is. And her creations don’t just look good, they tastes GOOD. Every time I have asked her to make something for me, I am blown away by her creations. She has made desserts for me for showers, birthday’s, and for Blush’s grand opening. But guys, she books out far in advance… you may just have to catch her at one of her pop-ups at Blush!

Small Town Glam– Lindsey Gale

If you have been into Blush at all, you have probably noticed our painted saws. They are incredibly beautiful and they are hand painted by this lovely gal, Lindsey. Lindsey is also an amazing seamstress and makes custom clothing. If you ever need a custom piece of clothing, please ask Lindsey to help you out. Every time I wear one of her skirts, I get stopped and asked where I bought it.

Stellula- Tasia Munger

Tasia is one of my dearest friends and so talented when it comes to her jewelry. I probably own 5 pairs of her leather earrings and about 5 of her necklaces, and I keep coming back for more. You can find her jewelry at Blush but she also makes incredible custom pieces too. Be forewarned… you can’t just own one piece.

Oopsa-Daisy- Tracy Morningstar

This girl is just a powerhouse of talent. Tracy taught herself to use some serious power tools and began making some incredible furniture. She has created almost all the furniture for Blush and our personal dining room table that looks just like something from Restoration Hardware. They are all so beautiful. So if you need a custom piece of furniture, give Tracy a call and be prepared to be amazed!

Buttons and Birds- Janelle Highstreet

I meet Janelle at a craft fair and got to know her even more at our Bible Study. She is just as fun and colorful as her creations. Janelle is an incredible seamstress and has this eye for color. Her bags are perfect for snacks, travel, pencils, etc… and she makes these incredible beach bags. Not to mention, if you have a little girl, check out her bows! I actually have two for my own hair. So the next time you need a fun gift or even just a fun bag for yourself, check out Janelle’s Etsy shop for more!

I am so proud of each and everyone of these amazing women who are following their dreams. They are owning their goals and going after them and I’m so honored to have them as friends. If you are a woman who has a dream too, don’t think you can’t be your own girl boss. Get out there and do it! All it takes is one foot in front of the other!

Love you, Em

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