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my favorite keto snacks

my favorite keto snacks

Yes, yes I have been sucked into the koolaide drinking world of Keto. It has been tough at times but guys, I have to be honest, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I do know this sounds super trendy because I had a waiter tell me that it was but… trendy or not, I feel great.

If you aren’t familiar with my story, I have a lovely condition called PCOS, you can read more about that here. Part of having my type of PCOS is also having Insulin Resistance, which means that my body produces insulin but it doesn’t use it. Instead of using insulin to convert sugars into energy, it goes straight to fat. You guys… please don’t feel sorry for me, except when you are eating pizza and cheesecake.

I have tried gluten free, paleo, and much much more… nothing ever worked when it came to feeling good. It would work for a minute but it never felt sustainable. I still didn’t sleep well, my mind was foggy, and I still lacked energy. So… I tried one more thing. While I don’t get it perfect, eating a Keto diet has really made me feel like I can actually tackle the world these days, and I need it to definitely chase after our little mancub who has nothing but energy.

It can be a bit overwhelming to start something new, especially if you are busy and pinterest is great for recipe ideas but I ALWAYS struggle with snack ideas. Nothing derails me like a 3 pm hunger attack when all I want to do is grab the leftover halloween candy that is hiding in my pantry. So if you are struggling with snacks too, I have compiled my favorite keto friendly snacks that really do help stay on track and in the end, help me feel so better.

  1. Soda water, Lime, and Trimstix (these are from Xyngular, they help with regulating blood sugar and cravings)
  2.  Celery, Jif Natural Peanut Butter, and The Laughing Cow spreadable cheese ( I don’t eat these together, but they are both good on celery and full of protein)
  3. Mission Carb Balance Tortillas with Grass Feed Butter (these tortillas are a LIFESAVER, and taste amazing)
  4. P3’s (these are amazing, pre-packaged little snacks that are perfect for on the go, they also pack a punch for protein)
  5. Simple Truth Salami wrapped cheese sticks (I love salami and cheese and it’s even better when it comes pre-packaged… King Soopers is killing it these days)

I’d love to hear your Keto snack ideas!

love you all, em



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