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maybe baby…

Oh I am so sorry if you clicked to read this because you think I might be pregnant. I am not. HOWEVER, we are serious when we say we will be trying very soon. My goodness, it’s just about that time. We always said we wanted to wait at least 3-5 years after we were married before we embarked on the biggest adventure of our lives, children.

Most all of our friends have been blessed with families of their own and we seem to have been passed three times over by a few. In the last few weeks I have been home (Andy didn’t join me until about last week if you are new here, you can read all about that here), I have had the joy of spending time with our Colorado friends and their sweet offspring.

My biological clock has moved from a gentle whisper to what I imagine Big Ben sounds like.

We have a little bit more of a way to go before we are really truly ready to have children, i.e., moving out of our Andy’s parent’s basement and into a new house.

But because I have babies on the brain, and I love for a chance for any new design scheme, I have been planning on the little nursery we will hopefully be decorating in the future.

And to inspire you as well, here are some of the fun nurseries I have been crushing on!

ViviandBrig(image source here)

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose(image source here)

sienna1(image source here)

And now the plan for our maybe baby.


1. Geo Pendant | 2. Retro Radio | 3. Triangle Flat Sheet | 4. Triangle Blanket | 5. Branch Hook | 6. Rocking Chair | 7. Geometric Shelf | 8. Direction Pillow | 9. Tribal Fabric Basket | 10. Metal Letter | 11. Trash Bin | 12. Antler Jewelry Stand | 13. Triangle Mobile | 14. Arrow Girl Print | 15. “Be Still” Print | 16. Prism Decor | 17. Polka Dot Rug | 18. Gold Polka Dot Curtains | 19. Chevron Dresser

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