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I want to start this post with saying there is nothing God can not do. Even the tiniest, smallest matters. If it wrenches our heart, it wrenches His. This is a story of being lost & found.

This past weekend, Andy and I had the amazing opportunity of hoping on a plane last minute and jetting off to home sweet home Colorado for some much needed R&R with the fam. In our mix of quick packing and planning, we had a sweet friend offer to look after our dear pup, Boomer.


We left with our hearts full and ready for some relaxation. Saturday was an amazing day full of surprises, happy tears, play time with the niece and nephew and good food. We finally climbed into bed after being awake for 21 hours, said our prayers, turned out the light and then Andy’s phone rang….

I knew. I just knew. It was midnight in DC so it had to be important and I heard the panic in Andy’s voice.

Boomer had pushed open a door and ran away.

Heart immediately sank and the tears just came. I desperately ran upstairs to Andy’s parent’s room and told them what had happened.  Andy soon followed and we immediately started calling everyone in our neighborhood, apartment, lives. Let me correct myself, Andy started calling everyone we knew. I balled up on the floor and cried like I have never cried before.

I literally felt like my world was over. I kept thinking, “he’s so small”, “someone might take him”, “he is going to get hit!”. We happen to live on a huge intersection and there are crazy drivers everywhere. We also live near the Zoo and the major parkway through DC. I actually had the horrible thought that he was going to accidentally wander into the Zoo and become Big Cat food. You guys, armageddon had come and our 21 lb. caramel colored puggle was gone forever in my mind.


For an hour and a half, Andy and I cried, prayed, paced, called, emailed. I know I just wrote a long dissertation about how much I love my husband, you can read it here, but again, this guy was amazing. Solid and strong when I couldn’t be; he was calm and collected on the phone and at one moment, literally picked me up off the floor and held me. But I could tell he was dying inside. Andy loves Boomer more than anything. In fact, as I am writing this, the two are spooning and synchronized in their snoring.

Finally, Andy’s parents convinced us to go to bed. We had now been up for more than 24 hours total and we were just dazed. My eyes were so puffy and I had literally soaked an entire box of kleenex with my tears.

This is where things get really amazing. We have been so blessed with friendships no matter where we have lived and DC has been no different. We have actually met a lot of people because of Boomer. We dog owners have a secret code here in Adams Morgan and especially in our neighborhood, we look after one another. In our moment of need, we had several people wake up at midnight to look for Boo when we were over 400 miles away. They called people to help; people walked on foot, drove in their car and even got on their bicycles to call out for Boo. The police in our neighborhood had us email them pictures of Boo so they could look out for him as well. I can’t begin to describe how thankful I am for these people. And our friend who was watching Boo, this wasn’t his fault that Boo ran, and we never once blamed him (just in case he reads this, we are so grateful for him and his wife!). He was just as panicked as we were if not more; he never gave up looking and I’m pretty sure he ran all over our neighborhood twice.

We gave in, and decided to go back to bed. We climbed in again, exhausted emotionally and physically. Andy pulled me in close and we prayed again out loud. Guys… right after we said amen, Andy’s phone rang. I never seen him move so fast but he jumped up and answered the phone. He put it on speaker and we heard those precious, precious words.

“I found him!”

I have seen miracles, I have heard miracles but I have never experienced one myself. It unfold as follows. Boo never wears a collar. Yes, this is stupid but he always pulls out of his and he pulls so much when we walk him that we always use a harness. In our laziness, we have forgotten to put his tags on the harness. When our friend came to pick up Boo’s stuff to walk him, he actually grabbed his collar instead. So Boo was wearing his tags. First part of the miracle.

Second part, when our friend was driving around to look for Boomer, he rolled down the window so he could call out to Boo. With the window rolled down, he was able to hear a jingle and immediately called for Boo. Low and behold our little guy emerged in a back dead end alley.

If Boo hadn’t been wearing his collar, our friend wouldn’t have heard that jingle. The Lord hears prayers and he answers them. Even when it comes to missing dogs.

I have vowed to now pray over every missing dog poster I see. Because I now know how devastating it feels to lose “your heart”. We don’t have children but our animals come pretty close. I hope I never have to feel that panic and pain again, and if you ever need help finding your precious pet, call us, night or day. We got your back.


And this is Boo after we came home… so happy to see Garth, Dudley and our  his bed. The poor guy ran his paws raw… let’s hope he learns his lesson.

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    Emily @ Two Purple Couches
    September 4, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    Oh, I am so glad Boo was found! Something very similar happened to our friend’s puggle a few years ago. He was also being puppy-sat while they were out of town (I believe July 4th weekend), got spooked by fireworks, and ran away. The next morning, a woman found him in her yard & called the number on his tags. His poor little paws were torn up too.
    We’ve had our puppy for nearly a year, and I still haven’t put her tags on her collar. Shame on me. I will do that asap! She’s chipped, but you’d never know it b/c her chip tag isn’t on her collar!

  2. Reply
    emilie marian
    September 4, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    Thank you for your sweet words Emily. It was so traumatic. I am so glad he is home too!

  3. Reply
    Rocky Mountain Love -
    September 13, 2013 at 10:18 am

    […] to less than 24 hours later, Boo was dropped off with a friend, you can read more about his weekend adventure here (it was a little scarier than ours), Tron had tons of food and water and we were on an airplane at […]

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