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life lessons learned at disney

life lessons learned at disney

I have a confession to make. Andy and I have fallen in love… with Disney. Now you may think we have loved Disney all along, but the fact is we really only started to find the magic this year. We had been before but we hadn’t been able to really sink into the what I consider living the dream. Because after all, isn’t Disney where dreams come true? At least that’s what Cinderella taught me ;).

So after a couple of visit’s the most magical place on earth, here are my life lessons that Disney has taught me!

1. Celebrate in the biggest way possible.

Andy and I went to Disney World to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and my 32nd birthday. I was feeling a bit weird about celebrating such an “older” birthday UNTIL I slapped this button on. Everyone and I mean everyone, Disney workers and visitors would tell me Happy Birthday all day long. They let us skip lines, gave free desserts, drinks, fast passes, and extra hugs from Mickey. It made me feel like any birthday should be celebrated with as much happiness and joy, no matter what age I’m turning. I may just continue to wear my button on every birthday, just to remind myself of that joy.

2. Eat all the Snacks.

I don’t even think this needs explaining. But just in case you were wondering… this did happen. Life is better when we allow ourselves the sweet things in life. We can either deny ourselves joy and regret giving in, or we can let ourselves indulge here and there. I have learned this the most recently. I don’t have to work all the time. I can take a moment off and swing with Noah in the backyard or go to a movie in the middle of the day. It actually helps keep my attitude balanced and when I am ready to sit down and work, I am ready to work instead of wishing I was doing something else.

3. It’s ok to meet your Heroes.

I know how the saying goes, “Never meet your Heroes”, but sometimes it’s so worth it. Sometimes those Heroes are just as good as we hoped they would be and on that rare occasion, they are even more amazing. If you get the chance to meet yours, go for it. Yes, they might turn out to be awful people, but that gives you the chance to find a new one. Or better yet, to be your own. But what if they are really incredible? Wouldn’t you be glad you did?

4. Order off the Secret Menu.

Who says you have to follow the rules? Don’t be afraid to take your own path. Yes, rules are there to guide you but sometimes when we blaze our own trail, we discover something more incredible and most often, we find out something about ourselves that may surprise us. We may be stronger, braver, smarter, more creative, etc… than we thought. So don’t be afraid to try new things and take chances. In case you are wondering, Andy is drinking the jalapeño margarita in Mexico at Epcot. It’s not on the menu, you have to ask for is special and it is WORTH it!

5. Don’t be afraid to take Naps.

Sometimes you need a nap. Life is busy, work can be hard, and your body knows when it needs rest. Do it. Don’t feel guilty or lazy, because if you continue to push yourself, you will end up burning out. I had someone tell me once, sometimes the best way you can praise the Lord is by taking a nap. Hallelujah! So take one, even if you are in Germany after eating a brat and it’s 90 degrees out with 90% humidity.

6. Dress Up.

Don’t be afraid to dress up for whatever it is in life you want to do. You may think you look silly, but in reality you look like you know what you’re doing. People will take notice and ask you about your success. So put on those “ears”, walk around, and smile because you know you look good!

7. Travel the World.

Get outside of your comfort zone and travel. Even if it’s just to a new city, town, state, or coffee shop. Get out of your bubble and experience something new. You will learn things about your world that will influence and shape your point of view that you didn’t even think were possible. Your life becomes so much bigger when your “area of travel” becomes bigger.

8. Stay for the Fireworks.

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to leave early and did, only to find out that I missed something spectacular. How I wished I had stayed… Even when you are tired, sweaty, hungry, and ready for home. Maybe, just maybe, you will see something amazing. Don’t be afraid to stick around. Bowing out early may cause you to miss your next big thing!

9. Eat in the Castle.

Sometimes we deny ourselves extravagant things because we feel as if we don’t deserve them. We think that we need to try harder, work harder, be better… But sometimes we need to just do it! Go for the big stuff. Treat yo’ self! I’m not talking about living above your means or being unwise with your money. I’m talking about every once in awhile, go for the stuff you’d never let yourself do. Get that massage, go on that trip, see that concert. You only live once, take the time to enjoy the good things too.

10. Take all the Selfies you can.

Be goofy, be silly, be joyful. Capture it; especially with the people you love. You won’t regret it, ever.

What are your life lessons?

Love you all, Em

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  1. Reply
    Jamie Thornton
    August 3, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    Always dress up!!

    1. Reply
      emilie marian
      August 5, 2018 at 8:26 pm

      ALWAYS! I can’t wait to do Dapper Day someday with you!

      1. Reply
        Jamie Thornton
        August 8, 2018 at 6:29 am


        1. Reply
          emilie marian
          August 9, 2018 at 1:13 pm

          I knew you’d love this!

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