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Lace T-Shirt Embroidered Hoop

If you can’t wear it… use it.

I had this wonderful cream t-shirt that I loved to wear… until a hole appeared. Dang it. It was super cute and comfy and it had this sweet lace accent. I knew I couldn’t give it away or sell it so I was about to throw it away…

Then my inner DIY-er pulled it out of the trash and an idea was born.

LaceTHoop1Because of it’s cream color and it’s pretty lace detail, I thought it would make a cute embroidery base.

I grabbed an embroidery hoop, a needle, some thread, wax paper and a pencil and started sketching some ideas.

Once I had my final drawing, I drew it on the wax paper and laid it onto top of the piece of t-shirt in the embroidery hoop.

LaceTHoop2With my needle and thread, I began to sew my design. I used a simple back stitch as well as a split stitch.

LaceTHoop3After ward, I tied some velvet ribbon I had lying around and hung it on the wall! From tired t-shirt to fantastic new wall art! So glad I decided to not throw it away!

LaceTHoop5 LaceTHoop4So if you have an old t-shirt around, before throwing it away, see if you can re-use it and make something super cute out of it! I would love to see what you make.

And while you are taking pictures of it, this might happen to you too…


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