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Glass Etched Jar Tutorial



You Will Get Addicted… You have been warned!

I discovered glass etching a while ago and ever since then I have been using every excuse to etch. It is so easy to use, I hope you catch the bug too!

Some how our dog treat jar escaped the first round of etching madness but the other day I glanced up and noticed the jar looked a little sad all plain and lonely. All I needed was about 20 mins and this little guy became more than just a jar!



What you will need:

  • A glass jar or anything made of glass
  • Glass Etching cream and brush ( I use Martha Stewart’s Etching Cream, but I don’t think it matters what kind you use)
  • Adhesive stencils and stencil tape
  • Water


EtchedJar2Wash whatever item you want to etch and make sure it’s dry before etching. Place the stencil on the jar and iron out all the wrinkles with a credit card. To make sure the stencil stays down, use stencil tape along the edges.

EtchedJar4Use your brush and paint on the etching cream in thick layers. Make sure you keep it out of reach of all children and pets. Depending on the cream, you will need to leave it on between 20-30 mins.

EtchedJar3Wash the the cream off thoroughly and peel the stencil off making sure it doesn’t have any of the cream left on it. Now enjoy your newly glass etched jar/mirror/or just about anything else glass in your house because you won’t be able to stop.



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