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get it girl: tech essentials for the nerdy girl


There is just something about technology that gets me. And then there is that side where I feel like it’s OUT to get me. But I use so much  technology every day to keep my little world spinning that without it, I think I might cease to exist…. or at least not be able to express myself and no one wants to see me do interpretive dance.

Recently, I have been asked several questions about what I use on a daily basis in my life to help me blog, design, stay organized or plain just be a girl on the go. I had wished when I started out on this digital journey that I had found a post about what other programs, apps, and more people were using. I just didn’t even know where to look! But since the reason why I blog is to help others out, don’t worry girl, I got your back! So if you are just starting to blog like myself or even just want to add a dash of tech to your life, buckle up. We are gonna get super nerdy up in here! These are my tech essentials.

I’m gonna break it up in two sections. Hardware and Software & Programs.



1. The most important piece of hardware I use, hands down, with out a doubt is my Mac Book and iMac. So you’re a PC lover. I hear you, I understand, you like to pinch your pennies and save on computers. I don’t blame you, but I have to tell you the reasons why I love these computers.


 They NEVER get viruses. Seriously ever. And they hardly ever have any problems. I have had both of my computers 5 plus years and have had only one issue. Ever. Both of my Macs are super easy to use and every program runs smoothly. For a girl who doesn’t really know her way around a computer, I feel like I can stand my ground with these bad boys!

2. The Wacom Bamboo is an amazing tool. I use it for editing pictures, hand drawn vectors and in place of mouse, the pen stylus is fantastic. It takes some getting used to, but after you use it, you will never want to go back.

3. A external hard drive I have a Passport, like the one pictured. Because of all the graphics, photos and designs that I have, I like to have a backup incase my hard drive crashes. It’s also easy to carry for when I travel and switch between computers. It’s my tech BFF.

4. A DSLR Camera– If you are serious about blogging, designing or taking pictures. You MUST get a DSLR, that is a digital single lense camera. You don’t need a super fancy one but if you want to take great pictures, these cameras are great. They may be an investment, but you will treasure it, love it, care for it, sleep next to it and never let it go! I have a Nikon D700 and several lenses to go with it. I highly recommend one. If price is an issue, look on Amazon, Ebay or even a local photographer in your area who is looking to upgrade.

Software and Programs


1. and 2. Photoshop and Illustrator– I live and breath by these two programs. Any photo, graphic, design, image… I create, edit and design in these two programs. These two are essential. Even if you are just starting out blogging, photographing, or designing, you will be amazed at how these programs can help you. Again, these might be an investment, but if you are serious about these, I’m sure you can go without that Coach purse you’ve been eyeing! You can also try them out for free for 30 days.

3. Scribd– I have just found this program and it’s has been amazing. While most people use it for publishing articles and such, I use scribd for all my big file photos for people to download. Any time I offer a freebie as in these invites here, or this desktop calendar, I load the big file up onto scribd that way it doesn’t lose it’s resolution.

4. Dropbox– The little program is amazing. I’m talking life changing. If you have never heard of it, please stop what you are doing and download it. Dropbox is like a virtual storage area where you can drop a file into your dropbox folder and if you have dropbox installed on any other device, you are able to access it. You can also file share. When I need to share photos with clients, I will make a dropbox folder for them and share it with them. This means I don’t have to burn a CD and they files can be as big as they need to be. I store the things I never want to lose in my Dropbox because even if the apocalypse comes and my hard drives crash, as long as I have the internet, I can access my dropbox files.

If you have anymore tech essentials that I am missing out on, PLEASE share. It’s something I just can’t get enough of these days!

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