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Forever and Ever: O.E. and Dave

O.E and Dave


I’m so excited to start a new series of posts to my blog. When I wrote about our 5th Anniversary, I was met with such a huge positive response that I thought it would be amazing to share more fun love stories, married life and what helps others keep their love strong between life, work, kids and more.

I have known O.E. since we were in middle school together. Our brothers were best friends and we giggled about boys, fashion and even had a joint halloween costume one year. Over the years we have both grown up, gotten married, moved away (although she was lucky enough to move back home), and started our “grown up lives”. She even has three amazingly beautiful children.

Even though life has taken us on different paths, we have both embarked on this blogging adventure. She writes an amazing down to earth and hilarious blog about her life and raising three kids. When I decided I wanted to start this serious, Forever and Ever, I immediately thought of her. Come take a peek into her life, marriage, and adventure. You will love her…

Hello Flourish and Hope readers! My name is O.E. and I blog over at Girl Meets Baby. I am super excited to be guest posting all about marriage! Though, I’ll do my best not to jinx this good thing I have going 🙂

And (full disclosure) I recently wrote an anniversary post that just so happened to answer a lot of these questions. So, instead of expressing my love twice, I took some relevant pieces from there. I mean, who wants re-search for the words to describe their love?

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Dave. This man. He is just my everything. He has my heart. And he takes extremely good care of it (it’s very fragile). “Thankful” doesn’t even come close to describing how lucky I am to have this guy holding my hand through life. I love him oh-so-much.

So let’s get started. Marriage. The ups. The downs. The in betweens. Let’s do this.

When did you get married?

We were married June 30, 2007 in Vail, Colorado.


Favorite Memory from your wedding day?

The whole day is kind of a blur. Weddings have a way of doing that. It was just an incredibly surreal day. But there’s one memory that I will never ever forget. This moment. During the prayer after we exchanged vows. Dave and I were holding hands. And he was spinning my new sparkling ring around with his fingers. Just running his fingers over the band. Our eyes closed tight. My heart was full. I remember thinking, “This man. He is mine. And I am one lucky girl.” My world stood still in this moment. And, on a wedding day, that’s hard to find. A moment of peace to remember how blessed you are to have found that other half. That one that holds your heart. Who just vowed to keep it safe forever.

How did you meet?

Dave and I are high school sweethearts. I wrecked my car one afternoon near a McDonalds (nothing major — I tended to do this). And the guy I hit was super creepy and, well… coming on to me. So, I was just slightly scared with a side of creeped out while waiting for the cops to show up. I noticed some guys I knew working at the coffee shop across the street. I ran over there to request a “hero” to come sit with me. The guys that I knew were working. But, their friend Dave was just hanging out. He looked at me. I looked at him. “Sure, I’ll come sit with you.” We walked back across the street to the scene of the crash. He jokingly brought with him a tiny baseball bat and proceeded to skateboarded around showing off his awesome moves — all while holding the little bat. I am sure the creepy guy was VERY intimidated. My heart. It melts just writing this. I remember this moment. This feeling. Ah! Dave. I loved you from the very first moment. I felt protected, charmed, and entertained all at once. It’s funny that, to this day, those words pretty much sum up how I feel.

What do you love about your partner?

I love this man of mine in so many ways. Where do I start? I love that, when he describes himself, he says husband and father before designer. I love that we (the kids and I) we never ever doubt that this man loves us to the moon and back. I love that, in this life, he’s what I am most thankful for. When life gets hard or scary and the unknown overwhelms me, he’s there, always squeezing my hand. He always takes the first step. Always turns around to smile at me. He reminds me that it will all be ok. I’d follow him to the ends of the Earth. But best of all, I know he’d follow me. This man of mine. He would do anything for his family. And his family would do anything for him.

Favorite thing you love to do together.

My favorite thing to do with my man is take our kids to the playground. Something about watching the man you love. The father of your children. Play with these little souls. He’s so present. So in the moment with them. And they love him right back. It’s just that love of watching him be a Dad. Our kids are our world. And when we are together as a family — our kids wildly happy — we’ll sometimes just stare at each other. And I know he is thinking what I am thinking. “This life. It’s ours. And it’s everything we’d ever wanted.” How are you alike and how are you different? What drew us together were our differences. He was always outgoing, funny, and charming. I was this privileged girl that — because I was quiet — everyone assumed was a giant b!tch. Ok, I sort of was. But he took the time to know me. To understand me. And, I like to think that he pulled out the real me to be shared with the world. And, with all of our differences, we always seem to align on what’s important. We share a view of the world that’s the same. Well, I am not sure he sees this world the exact same way I do, but he understands how I see it. My perspective. And he not only understands, but appreciates it. Facilitates it. He’s always liked to be pushed outside his comfort zone. He’s so aware of who he is that he knows his weaknesses and allows me to push him in directions he wouldn’t have gone on his own. It’s my favorite part of sharing this life with him.

I don’t have to explain anything to him. I don’t have to defend anything to him. On his own, he’d go in a straight line (boring!). I, on the other hand, would zig and zag (danger!). But together, we ebb and flow weaving a beautiful flowing path — ahh, just right 🙂 That’s why I think it’s so important that your better half picks you up where you are weak, and you for him. Your path. Your story. It just wouldn’t be quite as unique if it weren’t for the paths on which you would have never found yourself alone.

He’s very organized. He’s calculated. He’s slow to make decisions. He’s true to himself no matter where he is or what he’s doing. He cares for the whole world. Not just his world. And I. Well, I am more of a free spirit. I am messy. I am blissfully unaware of chaos. I am constantly striving to think through my plans instead of simply being tossed by the waves.


What is the best thing and worst thing about marriage?

The best part of marriage is building a life and a family together. And the blessing of living the ups and downs with someone by your side. Because, it’s so special — so amazing — to hold hands walking a path you never could have created without each other. There is something so beautiful about it.

The worst. Well. The worst part is constantly changing. Right now (though we’re better at this now than a few years ago) it’s balancing the two families on holidays. It’s hard to mesh two worlds together. To hold on to traditions from your life before. To build new ones. And, well, it’s just hard meeting everyone’s needs. Sharing time. Sharing moments. And not hurting feelings by making choices that work best for your new family unit. It’s hard to find that balance between the old and the new. If anyone has figured this part of marriage out, please let me know!!

Advice to anyone about getting married.

First of all,

I like to think that my marriage is bullet-proof. But I don’t want to test that theory because I know it’s not truth. I think anyone. Even the best people in the world. Could falter in the right circumstances. So, Dave and I live life aware of this and strive to never put ourselves in situations that would test that theory. It’s just so not worth it. And finally, marriage is a choice. Every day. Every single day. I wake up and I choose to be a wife. Whatever that means for the day.

Regardless of anything going on, I choose to be his wife. And he does the same. He chooses to be a husband. And we live accordingly. Because we want this. And it’s worth fighting for.

Ciao! Girl


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