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Forever and Ever: Emily and Michael

This new adventure of blogging has taught me so much about myself and community. It still amazes me how even in this big ole’ world, we can still link to each other, encourage, inspire and have relationships. Nothing is stopping this girl from kicking butt and making friends, not even an ocean in between. Which brings me to introducing the second edition of Forever and Ever, (you can read the first one here about my friend O.E. and her hubby Dave).

I first “met” Emily while blogging for Umba Box almost a year ago. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon her blog, From China Village, but I immediately fell in love with her blog and her posts, especially her Styled in Ireland features. Emily is an all American girl from Maine that met and married an Irish man and they now call Dublin home. To say I am jealous of her is a little bit of an understatement. Andy and I have always wanted to live in Ireland. There is just something about those rolling hills, strong tea and my favorite store Avoca (which Emily talks a lot about on FCV).

You can read her blog, From China Village here, and make sure you check her out here, here and here, but first come read all about Emily and Michael’s marriage, adventures and see some sweet photos of these two.


When did you get married?

 Michael and I got married in August, 2008. Just over five years ago now! We were married at the college where we met, where my parents met, and just a few miles from where I grew up.

Favorite memory from  your wedding day?

My favorite memory from our wedding day is the speeches. In Ireland, where my husband grew up, speeches, not just toasts, are part of the wedding day. My father, Michael’s father, the best man, my sister, and Michael all gave speeches. They were incredibly thoughtful and moving, and it was such a nice way to bring in a tradition from my husband’s upbringing and introduce our friends and family to it.

How did you meet? 

Michael and I met in our last year of college, just a few weeks before school started. Technically, we had met a few times before that at parties, but Michael didn’t remember me! Apparently the third time was the charm. We started dating pretty much right when we met, and have been together ever since!

What do you love about your partner?

Michael has a wonderful heart for people, and is always, always kind. He never has a harsh word for anyone, and loves to find ways to help people. He has such strong faith, which I’m grateful has spread to me and which keeps us both afloat when things get tough. He’s also just a hoot! He recently decided we should have chickens — in our very small back garden in Dublin. And so we have chickens. Such an adventure!


Favorite thing you love to do together?

We love to travel together. Our schedules are so busy during the school year (I’m a freelance writer and blogger and he’s a guidance counselor/basketball coach/semi-pro basketball player) that it’s so nice when we can get away from our daily tasks and just spend time with each other, having coffees, people watching, exploring. I’m lucky because Michael also loves to plan all our holidays, so I don’t think I’ve actually booked a flight for myself since we got married! I just show up with snacks and he takes care of the rest!

How are you alike and how are you different?

We realized a year or so ago that we both have really strong eldest sibling traits, which is why sometimes we butt heads. We’re used to being the leaders of our siblings, so sometimes we think we have to be right! We’re working on We also both love organizing gatherings of our family and friends. We love getting our favorite people together for a meal around a table. But Michael is a night owl and I am really a morning person. I’m almost always up before he is, except on mornings he coaches before the sun rises! And I’m almost always in bed and fast asleep before he’s tired.

Best thing and worst thing about marriage.

I’m not sure I can answer this one, it’s not really my style. Marriage is hard and good and wonderful and trying, all wrapped up into one. I wouldn’t want to simplify it into best and worst.

Advice to anyone getting married.

Choose your battles. When I first got married, I really felt like I had to win every time. It felt like it was important that I was heard in the first year or so and when I had to give in, it felt like I lost. It took me a while to realize just because you aren’t right one time doesn’t mean you’re going to be wrong every time. There is no pecking order in marriage, it’s just a balance. Sometimes you give more, sometimes you take more. There will be seasons where you need to rely on the other person more, and then it will shift the other way.

Thank you Emily for sharing and for all you lucky readers, definitely check her out on her blog. It will make you want to visit Ireland and have a giant cup of tea!

Love and Hope, Em

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