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Favorite Fonts

I’m about to share my deepest secrets… my favorite fonts.

These are some of my most treasured secrets that I am going to share with you plus most of the web… so I guess they aren’t that sacred but still treasured.

I use many fonts on a daily basis; from design work to graphic and picture editing. Fonts have become a huge part of my business life. It is hard for me to not to get sucked into the great font search. I can literally spend hours upon hours looking for a new favorite font. I would call it a sickness but I’m afraid there is no cure.

Instead of hoarding these all to myself, I thought I would share some of these sweet treasures. May they inspire you to create as well!


1. Znikomit No. 24 / 2. Cursif / 3. Lumen / 4. Albermarle Swash / 5. Before the Rain / 6. Honey Script / 7. Fleurs de Liane



*Please note that some of these are “free”, meaning you can download them for free but they may have licenses that need following and may not be able to be used commercially without payment!

Do you have a favorite font? Please share!

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    April 27, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Can you show us some more? I didn’t know we shared this ‘secret treasure’, Munchkin! 🙂

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