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Family, Tickles, Smiles, and Graffiti

sweet family photos

One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to meet new friends and spend sweet time with them while you capture their special moments. I had that experience this past month with Merissa and her sweet family. Merissa and I crossfit together at the same gym and while, we never officially really meet, she saw some of my photos and got in touch with me so I could take their family photos.


We meet in downtown Greeley where there is some really neat graffiti and some amazing backdrops for photos. I am a sucker for brick, concrete, and metal doors so it was a match made in urban heaven.

Our time was filled with family, tickles, smiles, and graffiti. Lots of amazing graffiti. Come take a peek at  their super sweet shoot.

HiceFamFH4 HiceFamFH3 HiceFamFH6 HiceFamFH1

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