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failure is not an option

failure is not an option

Hey sweet friend. How’s your day going? Has it been all sunshine and roses? Did your kids get up, get dressed on time, act like angels, eat all their veggies during their lunch, and tell you your the best mom ever? Did your hubby, boyfriend, best friend, boss, parents, tell you that you are amazing and that life could not function without you? Did everything you try on look amazing on you and it was just so hard to pick which one? Let me guess, you woke up with perfect curls, flawless skin, and you aren’t tired at all.

Yep. Sounds like every day of my life… except it’s not. Not even close. Not by a long shot.

In fact, I have about 3 zits brewing, tons of dry shampoo in, and this am, my lovely offspring pushed me aside for Nannie. His exact words, “no, no, no, no, I want Nannie” as I tried to give him a kiss and hug. So I’m clearly winning at life. Nailing it.

I’m I getting closer to maybe what your life looks like right now? If not, then I humbly bow down to you and your life management skills and you ARE clearly nailing it and I’m super jealous. But if it is like yours, friend, I have your heart close to mine.

Maybe your life is looking a bit more dreary. Maybe you have lost a job, a loved one, you feel alone, and afraid. Maybe after a couple years of marriage, you are finding yourself single again and it is terrifying. I want you to know something. You ARE winning at life.

You have not failed friend. Not even a little bit. You are alive, breathing, and you woke up this morning. Even if you are still in bed this am reading this, because that is where I wish I still was! Friend, life isn’t easy. It is hard and most often than not, an uphill climb. We are surrounded by messages that we aren’t “enough” in whatever we want to be doing and at the end of the day most of us land in our beds exhausted hoping for a better tomorrow. But take this truth to heart, you ARE not failing. You ARE not a failure. In fact, failure isn’t even an option because as long as you are breathing, you are living. Life may be a bit rough around the edges but you are making impacts around you left and right. You may not see the ripples and you may not be where you thought you’d be at this stage in life, BUT you have life.

And the beauty about this life is every day we start over. My dad once told me that the next day was the first day of the rest of my life, that I didn’t have to ever live the last day ever again. It seems a bit cliche but it’s so true. So take a minute and if it helps you, compile a mental list, even better if you write it down, of all the things you HAVE done. There have been so many times where I have felt like I have failed but in reality those so called failures actually boosted me into the stage of life that really helped me “bloom”. For instance, I waited my whole life to live in DC. It was my dream since being a little girl to live in the big city. I had so many fantasies about going to the museums every day, making friends, living the “big city life”. But it was far from dreamy. It took months to make even one friend, Andy and I lived a part for 6 months because of his work schedule, I was laid off and couldn’t find a new job, AND big city life come with big city traffic. I felt like I had failed in so many ways. Zero job, zero friends, and zero parking spaces. But that time in my life lead me to pursue other things like graphic design, blogging, a new church, and eventually a new job which turned into a move home which is really where we needed to be. I hadn’t failed at all, I just wasn’t looking at it in the right way.

I don’t see them as failures anymore; they aren’t even road blocks. They are just another part of life to get me where I am going. Just because something doesn’t turn out the way we thought, by no means gives it the definition of failure. It just means that it’s not where we are supposed to be. One of my favorite quotes is, “If it is God’s plan for your life, not even you can get in the way of it.” So friend, you just have to keep living. Keep waking up, keep on reaching out, just keep on. God will meet you where you need to be, and if you need a friend to help you see that, call me. I will boost you up and speak the truth you need to hear. And in the mean time, let’s all laugh about how our children want to spend time with everyone but us and that our dog maybe pooped on the living room floor again, and one eyebrow looks much better than the other… because that is life. And it’s beautiful.

Love you all, Em


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