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easy children’s reading nook

easy children’s reading nook

One thing that Andy and I decided when it came to having children was reading was going to be an important part of our lives as a family. I grew up loving to read. I devoured books and trips to the library were endless opportunities of adventure. I couldn’t get enough of books. One of my claim to fames is earning personal pizza after personal pizza thanks to “Book It”! But I’m pretty sure my parents never let me cash in because of vegetables and health and stuff…

But, never the less, I continued to read. Andy grew up reading but never really found a love for it and he wishes as an adult he read more, so being the responsible parents we are, we felt that we would just force our offspring to read and he would grow up loving it. So that is what we are doing. We figure that if he reads then he will stay off drugs and maybe someday do big important things like, find a cure for cancer or build a better mouse trap.

In order to foster this environment, we decided to build our baby boy a reading nook and his room had this little inlet that was perfect for it. It was so easy. We bought pictures ledges from Target and frames a sweet picture. Now every morning and every night we sit in his little nook and read away. It has become our favorite times of day! What I love about these ledges is that they won’t tip over if he hangs on them, and super inexpensive compared to a traditional book case.

And to help build your library, here are our top favorite children book’s, and I don’t mean ours… but Noah’s. He can’t get enough of these.

  1. Dream Animals / 2. Mustache Baby / 3. Best First Book Ever / 4. All Aboard National Parks / 5. Winnie-the-Pooh’s  Lift the Flap Book

What does your little one love to read?

Love you all, Em


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