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diy: embroidered mittens

DIY:Embroidered Mittens

Winter in Colorado is one of my favorite times of year, but the bitter cold and dry climate do not love my hands. I had forgotten just how dry my hands get. Cloth mittens are so cheap and you can find them anywhere!

I wanted to jazz up a pair while also making them functional, so enter in some simple embroidery thread and some amazing magical thread. It is super easy to do and you won’t have to take your clothes off to answer a call on your phone.


What you need is:

Some thread, a needle, gloves and metallic conductor thread (I found mine on amazon)

The conductor thread allows you to use your touch screen devices while wearing your gloves! HOLLER!

Simply pencil or fabric pen your words on each finer of your glove and thread your needle. Take the needle and thread on the inside of the glove. This can be quite tricky so go slow. I did a simple stitch to embroider the letters onto the fingers.

GloveEmb4 GloveEmb5


After your words are completely sewn, I put the gloves on and with a pencil, I marked where the pad of my finger was on the tip of the thumb and pointer finger on the gloves.

After threading the conductor thread, I sewed a “patch” of thread on my pencil mark on each finger. You need to make sure it is large enough on the inside of the glove for you skin to transmit through the thread to your device.

GloveEmb7 GloveEmb8Ta-Da! Warmth and genius! Goodbye cold winter hands!

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