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Circle 7 Times

We are going to get dizzy!

I mentioned here that one of the books that I have been reading to grow in my relationship with God is called Draw the Circle, by our Pastor, Mark Batterson. It is an amazing book. It is teaching me/us so much about what prayer really means and how God wants us to really talk to him. Things I had never considered have opened my eyes, ears and mind in my relationship to the One who listens, sees and hears my thoughts.


Draw the Circle is a 40 day prayer challenge which discusses at it’s foundational point the story of Joshua and his circling the walls of Jericho 7 times everyday for 7 days. Jericho was delivered into Joshua and the Israelite’s hands, not just because 7 is a magic number, but because they heard the Lord’s plan and did as he asked. DTC (Draw the Circle), talks about when we pray, to pray in circles, like Joshua, around our requests until we get an answer. No just a yes, but any answer, whether it be yes, no or not now.

In DTC, Pastor Mark tells story after story about those who choose to circle and not just once but circle over and over as an act of obedience and willingness to the Lord. All of the stories are incredible, not just history making, but amazing to see how the Lord was faithful in answering the prayer.

Andy and I have had some pretty big request come our way. Some we have prayed for the “old-fashioned” way, but we have a couple of new requests that have entered into our life recently. I got excited because I realized we have the chance to really pray in circles around these requests. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. We have one request that is little, one that is life changing and a few that are always on our lips.

Yesterday at dinner, I brought this up to Andy about how I want to “circle” around these requests. He kinda looked at me weird and then I said, “You heard me, I want to print these requests out on paper and circle around them every night 7 times!” He then laughed and said, “We are gonna get dizzy!”

I hope we do! I really hope we do.

So if you are dying to know what these requests are, I will share a few because it would be amazing to have you join in with us in circling.

1. I need a job. A full time job here in DC that I will enjoy and that will be a good growing opportunity.


2. We have the opportunity to join some friends of ours in a joint business. Here’s the kicker. It’s in Hawaii. While all signs point to yes for me on this, it need a lot of prayer and direction and wouldn’t be a possibility even for about another 1 1/2 years. But it is never to early to start praying.


3. Kids. We are at the moment in our marriage where we said we would start trying. This kinda ties in with the request above, moving to Hawaii with a newborn or pregnant seems a little scary…



Andy- “This is how I parent…”

True Story.

We will let you know if we get dizzy. Circle with us?


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