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my favorite local girl bosses

my favorite local girl bosses

I have had the honor of becoming a business owner over the past couple of years. Not just a business owner, but a Girl Boss. Someone who worked so hard to accomplish her dreams because she couldn’t live in the thought that it wouldn’t come true. BUT my dreams couldn’t have happened if I didn’t have other people supporting me a long the way. In return, I want to share some of my favorite local (Northern Colorado) girl bosses with you because these women are amazing, talented, and full of passion.

The Happy Cookie- Nikki Barrios

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    planning in style

    So long Lisa Frank trapper keeper. Although, who doesn’t love kitties, rainbows, and unicorns thrown up on a brightly colored binder, but now as a grown up, I want something a little bit more… stylish. With a new year, comes a new planner and calendar!…

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  • Handmade, Make it Girl-DIY!

    Glass Etching Continued

    I seriously can’t get enough of glass etching. If one were to have a problem with a certain craft, then yes, I am the first to admit I have a problem. I literally want to etch every surface of glass that I own. I thought…

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  • Handmade, So Stylish

    Handmade Style

    There is something special about handmade. Not just for the artist but for the consumer as well. You know the item you have isn’t just special because you love it but because it was created by someone so talented. Most times, when you buy handmade…

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