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my favorite summer reads

my favorite summer reads

All right friends. How many of these blog posts have you read about people’s favorite summer reads? I bet you are tired of reading them and probably don’t want to read another book but… these books are quick reads and are great for personal and business.

  1. Girl, Wash Your Face: I know, I know. You have probably read this already or have heard about it, BUT, Rachel Hollis nails this book. It has changed the way I feel about myself, my dreams, and my goals. Even if you don’t own a business, this book helps us stop believing the lies we have all taken stock in about ourselves. Read it. Now.
  2. At the Water’s Edge: This is by the same author who wrote Water for Elephants, and I feel it is just as enchanting. It takes place in Scotland and is centered around the search for the Loch Ness Monster… sounds magical huh? It is!
  3. The Lying Game: Friendship, secrets, a body discovered and a twist you don’t see coming. If you love a good mystery, Ruth Ware is your girl. And if you haven’t read The Girl in Cabin 10… oh man, read that next.
  4. The Compound Effect: This book is great for personal development and for business. It’s also a very quick read. It’s message teaches the reader that little changes we implement have big effects when they compound! Check it out.

Alright guys, there’s my favs from this summer so far. I’d love to know yours!

Love you, Em