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Cardboard Coo Coo Clock

I have  a thing for clocks. I think it was because we didn’t have one in our living room for awhile and then I all of a sudden we had many. I kept thinking of all the fun ways we could make a clock and then they just kept happening!

You an see our Ikea Clock Makeover here, but for this one you just need an old cardboard box! You can see the original DIY here on the Umba Box Blog.



  • A cardboard box
  • A craft knife
  • Tacky Spray
  • A pencil
  • Clock parts (can be found at a local craft store)

I went online and found a coo-coo clock image that I liked. In Photoshop, I  blew up the image and colored it in to make it an even solid black and printed it out. After cutting it out, I sprayed tacky spray on the surface of a piece of the cardboard box.

CardboardClockDIYThe tacky spray keeps the paper down while you cut out the image. With my craft knife, I cut around the edges till the coo coo clock was cut out.

CardboardClockDIY2With a pencil, I then marked where I wanted the clock hands to come through; I poked a hole through and assembled the clock parts.


I took some paper flower paper and added it to the clock to give it a more feminine feel. And then hung it on my wall. So easy, cheap and perfect for any wall!

I would love to see if you do one too!

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