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Capturing your Travels

A Guide on Taking Meaningful and Beautiful Travel Pictures


(Horse and Jaunting Buggy at Muckross House in Killarney National Park, Ireland)

Every once in awhile, I have the pleasure of guest blogging over at Grace Belle Blog. If you haven’t checked them out, you should. It is a super sweet blog all about travel, beauty, living authentically, and more. This post was featured last week on their blog but I have wanted to share this is all of you too!

I love to travel. I have a wanderlust spirit inside of my heart that just can’t be quenched. It started from an early age and has just continued as I have gotten older. My love of photography has also grown with me and when I combine these two passions, I feel as if all is right within the world.

While traveling, whether domestic or international, it can be a bit daunting to feel the need to capture everything your seeing. You are experiencing places and sights that you will want to remember forever and it can be hard to take it all in while wanting to take pictures of everything you are seeing. After all, a picture helps you remember the special moment that you had in that exciting place, but one of the most important thing about travel is “being present in that moment”. It’s important to not let the camera guide your travels, but let your travels guide your camera.

Today, I’m going to walk you through an easy way on how capture those special moments while still being able to be present in your adventure!

1. Be Prepared: This may seem like an obvious guideline, but I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to charge a battery or have an extra memory card. I have missed so many beautiful pictures because I wasn’t prepared.

2. Be Clicker Shy: What I mean by this, is don’t feel like you have to take pictures of EVERYTHING.  You want beautiful, memorable pictures but you don’t have thousands of the same thing. I have made this mistake and filled up too many memory cards with images of the same thing. If you are also so focused of being behind the lens, you might miss seeing the “real” thing. Take time to enjoy your surroundings.


(From the Right: Village in Sicily, Italy; Piazza in Taormina, Italy; The TrevI Fountain, Rome, Italy)


(Vineyard in Cadiz, Spain)

3. Look for the Unusual: Some of my favorite traveling pictures are not of the buildings or the sights but the things going on around them. There is so much life happening and can be so memorable! One of my favorite pictures ever was of a couple that started to dance in a piazza in Taormina, Italy while street performers were playing music. It was such a special moment that I will always treasure.


(From Top Right: Piazza in Taormina, Italy; Monkey in Gibraltar; Statue in Ephesus, Turkey; Kittens and Sheep in Molls Gap, Ireland)

4. Don’t be afraid to Stop to Snap: If you can, stop the car, stop walking, stop touring, stop whatever and get a picture. Some of my favorite pictures are when we stopped the car and took the picture. You will never regret stopping, but you will regret not stopping.


(Lake in Ring of Kerry, Ireland; Ross Castle

5. Look for the Different Angles: When you are visiting famous places or heavily photographed areas and want a special picture, try and get a different angle or don’t be afraid to get artistic. Use the “Rule of Thirds”, or try to capture the personality of the place rather than just the image. It will make YOUR picture so much more special.


(From the Top Right: The Library at Ephesus, Turkey; The Colosseum, Rome, Italy; La Sagrada Familia Basilica, Barcelona, Spain; Cathedral, Messina, Italy)


(From the Top: The Colosseum, Rome, Italy; Garden Wall, Cadiz, Spain; The Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy)

6. Get the Candids: Who doesn’t love a good selfie? I sure do, but sometimes the candids are the best. Get a genuine smile, laugh, expression, and sense of wonder. Sometimes if I know that we will be experiencing an amazing place, I will set me lens on someone’s face and capture their first reaction. It is magical!


(From the Top Right: My Parents on a very windy day on the coast in Lisbon, Portugal; Andy and My Mom running to the beach in Messina, Italy; My brother taking a drink from a fountain in Taormina, Italy; My parents being silly in Gibraltar, and yes, selfie sticks are a must!)

7. FOOD!: This is more of a personal preference but whenever my husband and I travel, we try and eat the local fare to really experience the place. We have eaten octopus and Bull tail in Spain, authenitc gyros in Greece, Pastéis de Belém in Portugal, Black Pudding in Ireland, and so much more. When we do this, I always try and snap a picture of the food so I can remember how it looked, tasted, and how I felt in that moment.


(From Top Right: Fresh Lemons on a tree in Rome, Italy; Hummus in Athens, Greece; Octopus in Cadiz, Spain; Bull Tail in Seville, Spain)

8. People: When we travel, we tend to find ourselves in the company of some amazing people. Local taxi drivers have become fast friends, other travelers that are experiencing the same wonder, and the local people that are enjoying their life have made some of my favorite pictures. Remember to be respectful if you are taking a picture of someone but don’t be afraid to ask for a picture either.


(From the Right: Andy and our Taxi Driver in Messina, Italy; John, our tour guide up the Gap of Dunloe, Ireland; Sweet Rug Weaver in Kusadasi, Turkey)

8. Have Fun: No one can really tell you how to enjoy your travels and capture your time but I hope these little guidelines help. Remember above all, have fun. You are in a new place, having new adventures and experiencing some amazing things. Take your pictures, but enjoy your time there. Stop and smell the flowers, eat the local fare, buy that special souvenir, and enjoy your time. Your on an adventure after all!


(From the Right: The Rock of Gibraltar; A Sheep up the Gap of Dunlop, Ireland; Fresh Gelato, Seville, Spain)


(The Original Avoca Wool Mill, Avoca, Ireland)


( From the Top Right: Flowers growing out of the Ruins, Acropolis, Athens, Greece; Ruins, Greece; The Explorer Monument, Lisbon, Portugal; Flowers, Rome, Italy)

Here’s to your many adventures and picture takings!

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